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9 Best Smelling Flowers

Flowers attract not only bees or other insects but also humans, do you agree? Flowers don’t just have a captivating structure but also because of its aromatic smell when you pass by a field of flowers or a flower shop and it  makes your head turn and makes you stare at them for a long time. Each flower produces a unique chemical compound that makes a unique smell. The fragrance from the blooms enables to give a positive vibe  and can change the mood of many people.

If you are planning to give a someone the best flowers, then we come up with finest smelling flowers for them:



Gardenia is a very fragrant flower that attracts all types of insects. The scent is cool, fresh, woody, and floral. It captivates like a memory to your soul. In Chinese herbal medicine, it is used for treating infection, insomnia, and it has been proven effective that Gardenia helps in healing depression, and dizziness. It has a wonderful aroma that is sweet but not overpowering. 



Roses are the type of flower that is famous and known by many people. It is available in different varieties of color shades namely orangepurplepinkyellowwhite, and of course the eminent color red.  Old garden roses are known to be used in making beautifully made perfumes, scented candles, and of course essential oils.




Whether they’re white or yellow, they produce a charming and delicate appearance which are commonly used in ceremonies. This type of flower is very popular in every country around the globe and there are around 200 species found. Do  you know that in ancient times, Jasmine was used in making wreaths for the royals? Jasmine is rich in the sweet scent of Jasmine helps in unwinding the body and takes the edge of anxiety and stress.

In Hindus and Muslims Jasmine flower has a significant meaning to them. This flower is called the perfume of love used when engaging intimacy and lowering any negative vibes or energy levels. So, if ever you are feeling blue, igniting a candle with Jasmine fragrance may boost your energy. Jasmine flowers may seem to have a feminine essence but this aroma can be appreciated by any gender.



This flower is also called Plumeria in countries like Mexico, South America, and Caribbean. The flowers of the Frangipani come in gorgeous rose – pink color brushed with bronze. The Frangipani flowers are highly scented especially during at night and often used in bouquets. Frangipani flowers are available in many different colors like yellow, pink, white, red, and other beautiful pastel colors. They have an exquisitely exotic, tropical, and its scent is described as peachy, creamy, fruity, and soft and pairs well with ingredients from coconut, and tropical fruits.

ylang ylang


The Ylang Ylang is a yellow – star shaped flower that mostly grows in the rainforest of SoutheastAsia and Australia that blooms throughout the year.  The name is derived from the Tagalog word “ilang” which means wilderness. The fragrance of Ylang Ylang is described as alluring and brings out a romantic mood and suits individuals who prefer light aromas. They are usually in essential oil form, perfume and candles. If you are a person who likes to focus on workloads then having some candles with ylang ylang scent is a great option. Ylang Ylang flowers improve mood, can help lower blood pressure, and enhance the appearance of the skin.



Peony has 33 species in total with different varieties of colors like red, yellow, pink and purple. In China and Japan,  they  are known as “King of flowers”. In traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s used to treat injuries, stomach pain, and night sweats. They are also an ideal flower for making hand wrapped bouquets. A peony’s fragrance is  delicate, uplifting, calming and has a sweet to citrus smell. Peony’s scent goes well with Jasmine and rose flowers. Peonies are similar to roses but they are less peppery and also in sweetness. 




Tube rose is a white flower that blooms at night with white waxy petals. Do you know that even though they are named as tube roses, they are not one of the family of roses? This type of flower originates from Mexico and India and was imported from India to Europe. The rose’s fragrance is strong, exotic, creamy and honey-like.  It has  an overwhelming scent and can be standalone or can be mixed with other flowers to make  new ones.

lily of the valley


This type of flower is white and bell-shaped small flower. It mostly blooms during the spring season and is found in cold climate places. Many people admire and are amazed by its delicate structure. This flower is mostly linked with tenderness, purity, and happiness. It has a spring – like scent that is sweet and has hints of lemon as well. They are in candles, perfumes and essential oils as well.



The flower has four petals and they mostly bloom towards evening time. It can be seen in European countries  and comes in beautiful and bright colors such as yellow, blue and white. They have a fruity  and citrus scent that is perfect in making candles, perfumes, and essential oils.

If you have a plan to send flowers to someone close to your heart, well the best smelling flowers are listed above to help you choose the best! Aside from flowers’ appearance, fragrance affects its whole vibe! So choose your  flower presents wisely!