There’s something about the beauty of peonies that makes it a favorite among many. From all shades of pink, pure white, vibrant coral, and burgundy, peonies are stunning in every color.

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Peony Flower FAQ


  • Which peonies are the most fragrant?
    • The double flower peonies in white and pink colors are most fragrant.
  • How much is a bouquet of peonies?
    • The price of a peony bouquet depends on the size and style of the arrangement. It can range from AED 545 to AED 4275.
  • Can I order peonies online?
    • Yes. Order peony flowers online from Darcey Flowers and discover a wide variety of best quality peonies.
  • How do you keep peonies blooming?
    • Arrange peonies in a clean vase filled with water. Don’t forget to add flower food to the water. Cut peony stems at an angle for proper water absorption every other day.
  • What time of year are peonies in season?
    • Peonies are in season from early spring to mid June.
  • What is the longest blooming peony?
    • Herbaceous varieties of peonies often offer the longest blooming season.