Hyacinth Flowers FAQ


  • How long do hyacinths last?
    • Typically hyacinths can thrive for a week and can even last up to 12 days when given proper care and attention.
  • Can you put hyacinths in a vase?
    • Yes. You can arrange hyacinths on a supportive vase.
  • How do you take care of a hyacinth in a vase?
    • Replace water every other day and cut stems at an angle.
  • How much do hyacinths cost?
    • A bouquet of hyacinths price depends on the quantity and style of the arrangement. It can range from Dh 350 up to Dh 1500.
  • How much does a bouquet of orchids cost?
    • A bouquet of orchids price depends on the variety and the style of the arrangement. Price ranges from DH 350 up to Dh 3000.