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Preserved & Dried Flowers

Here at Darcey Flowers, we love to work with something trendy at the same time sustainable. Our collection includes carefully selected flowers dried in a natural way. Dried flowers are perfect adornment to give a playful touch to any space.

  • pampas sway
    Best Sellers Pampas Sway AED 1,825.00
  • For the love of Pampas
  • Bluer than blue
    Best Sellers Bluer Than Blue AED 2,325.00
  • cotton clouds 2
    Best Sellers Cotton Clouds AED 905.00
  • long lasting beauty new vase
    Beige Flowers Long Lasting Beauty AED 1,035.00
  • Make A Wish scaled
    Birthday Flowers Make A Wish AED 655.00
  • cotton craze
    Best Sellers Cotton Craze AED 825.00
  • Peachy Pink 1
    Anniversary Flowers Peachy Pink AED 1,005.00
  • Rustic Pink 1
    Anniversary Flowers Rustic Pink AED 745.00
  • Day Star
    Best Sellers Day Star AED 1,410.00
  • Warnth Cuddle
    Best Sellers Warmth Cuddle AED 695.00
  • Cotton Madness
    Birthday Flowers Cotton Madness From: AED 410.00
  • rustic beauty
    Beige Flowers Rustic Beauty AED 525.00

Dried and Preserved Flowers FAQ


  • Do dried flowers last forever?
    • No. Dried flowers generally last one year. When stored and cared for properly, dried flowers can last up to three years.
  • Which flowers make good dried flowers?
    • The following can make good dried flowers: lavender, lunaria, hydrangea, pampas grass, eryngium, cotton stick, roses and proteas.
  • Are dried flowers better than fresh?
    • Yes. If you are looking for more durable and long lasting flowers, then dried flowers are a better option. Dried flowers need no maintenance either.
  • How do you store a dried bouquet?
    • Keep your dried flowers away from any heat, direct sunlight, humid conditions and wind.
  • Are preserved flowers more expensive?
    • Yes. Dried flowers tend to get more expensive because the process of flower preservation is tedious and costly.
  • How long do dried flowers keep their color?
    • Dried flowers can keep their color for a long time but eventually fade faster when not handled and stored properly.