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Indoor Plants

Plants are not just good for the environment, they also have a positive effect on our mood. Plants have been shown to significantly reduce stress and anxiety levels, increase feelings of well-being, and improve concentration. They are a great way to bring nature and add life into your home or office. 

  • little Palm
    Full Range Little Palm AED 695.00
  • Green Calathea 1
    Full Range Green Calathea AED 365.00
  • Sabrina 1
    Full Range Sabrina AED 300.00
  • Miss Planty 1
    Full Range Miss Planty AED 415.00
  • Green Team 1
    Full Range Green Team AED 695.00
  • Earthy Vibe 1
    Full Range Earthy Vibe AED 445.00
  • Little Pretty 1
    Full Range Little Pretty AED 445.00
  • le petit 1
    Full Range Le Petit AED 300.00
  • Calathea Surprise Star 1
    Full Range Calathea Surprise Star AED 300.00
  • Mr Benjamin 1
    Full Range Mr. Benjamin AED 285.00
  • rubber fig swirl
    Indoor Plants Rubber Fig Swirl From: AED 1,765.00
  • monsterra plant
    Indoor Plants Monstera Plant AED 960.00
  • green jewel
    Indoor Plants Green Jewel AED 955.00
  • yucca plant
    Indoor Plants Yucca Plant AED 495.00
  • maidenhair fern on gold
    Indoor Plants Maidenhair Fern on Gold AED 695.00
  • rikkies fig
    Indoor Plants Green Fig AED 385.00
  • peace lily on pella vase
    Indoor Plants Peace Lily on Pella Vase AED 345.00
  • fiddle leaf fig plant
    Indoor Plants Fiddle Leaf Fig Duo AED 780.00
  • peace lily
    Indoor Plants Peace Lily AED 510.00
  • maidenhair fern
    Indoor Plants Maidenhair Fern AED 395.00
  • rubber plant 1
    Indoor Plants Rubber Fig Plant AED 295.00
  • fiddle leaf plant 1
    Indoor Plants Fiddle Leaf AED 425.00

The benefits of plants are numerous and they come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can find plants that grow in water or soil which means that you don’t need to spend a lot of time caring for them.