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8 Flowers that Symbolise Joy

8 Flowers that Symbolise Joy

Regardless of your age or where you live, we are all searching for moments of joy and happiness in our lives. From celebrating the birth of a child to commemorating an important anniversary or life milestone, joy can be described as a feeling of extreme happiness or cheerfulness. If you want someone else to feel the joy, you can do so by sending a stunning bouquet or box flower arrangement.

Flowers that symbolize joy not only evoke feelings of happiness but also inject an element of optimism and positivity into your space. So not only do flowers increase the levels of happiness for the recipient, but also for anyone who happens to see the flowers in their space.

1. Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley

Convallaria, commonly called the lily of the valley, produces soothing bell-shaped petals that bloom with small red berries as they mature. Historically, the lily of the valley flower has come to represent joy, purity, innocence, and happiness. In some regions of the culture and religions, they have also come to symbolize pain and loss.

2. Delphinium


When you want to express pure happiness, consider sending a lovely bouquet of delphiniums. As a delphinium continues to grow it produces a beautiful cascading arrangement of luxurious petals. Available in a wide range of vibrant colors, delphiniums not only look beautiful but also produce a lovely aroma to help you feel calm and at ease. There are a few varieties of delphiniums, including single-layered, semi-double-layered, and double-form delphinium. Whichever you decide to send, these delicate beauties are sure to delight!

3. Blue Daisy

Blue daisy

When many people think of daisies, they think of white or pink. However, blue daisies have come to symbolize happiness, growth, loyalty, and trust. Blue daisies also attract lots of insects and bees for a long flowering season that spans between autumn and spring. They are a great addition to add a pop of color to any traditional flower arrangement.

4. Gardenias


If you are looking to send an elegant and timeless bouquet to bring a little joy to someone’s life, look no further than a lovely arrangement full of beautiful gardenias. Famous for their white or cream flowers, and deep, glossy green leaves, gardenias are sure to add color, charm, fragrance, and happiness to any space.

5. Wishbone flower

Wish bone

The Torenia, commonly called the wishbone flower, grows in Southeast Asia, as well as Africa. Known for their attention-grabbing petals and heart-shaped leaves, wishbone flowers grow in bright colors, such as pinks, yellows, purples, blues, and whites.  While traditionally the wishbone flower has become associated with happiness and charm, it’s also thought of as lucky (i.e., the wishbone represents good fortune and fresh starts).

6. Sweet peas

Sweet pea

Delicate, dainty, and gorgeous, sweet pea flowers are known for their vibrantly shaped petals that come in lovely colors such as purple and pink. Dating back to the early 17th century, the sweet pea flower is known for its dreamy appearance and subtle fragrance which is thought to bring happiness and joy to everyone in the room.

7.  Orchid


Hailing from a massive genus of over 30,000 total species, orchids are one of the most popular, elegant, and timeless flowers on the planet. When you are looking to celebrate with others and share joy, the right arrangement of orchids is guaranteed to have a lasting impact. With a documented history dating back to the days of dinosaurs, more than 120 million years ago, orchids have come to represent joy and happiness in life. Ideal for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and other life moments, orchids also symbolize wealth, luck, beauty, and elegance.

8. Pink Rose

Pink rose

With a wide range of colors, each with its own meaning, roses have become one of the most popular flowers to send for almost every occasion. In particular, the pink rose has come to symbolize joy and positivity. Simple, elegant, and subtle, pink roses are a great flower to send to friends and family to show how much they mean to you.

Darcey Flowers

Sending flowers that symbolize joy is the perfect way to celebrate marriages, anniversaries, new births, and other momentous life events. Flowers that represent joy not only create happiness and positivity but also enhance their surroundings. With the right flowers, you can fully express a wide range of emotions, especially when words are not enough. If you’re interested in sending an exquisite floral arrangement to a friend, loved one, colleague, or even yourself, we can help. As the UAE’s world-class florist, we provide our clients with inspiring floral arrangements that enrich our clients’ lives and well-being. 

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