Known for its large flower head, hydrangea have a charming way to catch an attention for flower enthusiasts. The gorgeous blooms symbolize love, harmony and peace. Discover over 7 varieties and colors incorporated in our collections.

Hydrangea Flowers FAQ


  • What flowers go well with hydrangeas in a bouquet?
    • Some flowers which look best when paired with hydrangeas are roses, delphiniums, ranunculus, tulips and peonies.
  • How much does a hydrangea bouquet cost?
    • Typically a hydrangea bouquet can start from Aed 400 to Aed 1000.
  • How long do hydrangeas last in a bouquet?
    • Generally cut hydrangeas can last in about two to three days as a bouquet.
  • Are hydrangeas expensive?
    • Yes. Hydrangeas are quite expensive than most regular flowers.
  • How do you prepare hydrangeas for vases?
    • If you just received a fresh bouquet of hydrangea, you need to cut the stems at an angle. Clean the vase and add flower food if available. Then carefully put the Hydrangea flowers in the vase.