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Different types of arrangements

7 Different Types of Flower Arrangements for Various Occasions

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul”

– Luther Burbank

Flowers have been used as a means of expression if words may fail to communicate and they can convey a lot of information about a person or event. Flowers bring joy that only they can give. Their splendid beauty facilely captures the attention and may be visually pleased by anyone. Have you thought about what flower arrangement is best for your loved ones? Or searching for an excellent choice as a present for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or an occasion worth celebrating? 

If you are looking for something to add to your knowledge about perfect types of flower arrangements that may suit different occasions, then you come to the right place! We have provided some magnificent flower arrangement forms below:



As its name states, this kind of flower arrangement is in the shape of the alphabetical letter S and is also known as Hogarth Design. They are presented in extraordinary and glamorous curvy perfect for any important occasion. This sophisticated flower arrangement can bring out the best look and feels of every special celebration that you can think of. Leaves are used as fillers to make the flower stand out and appear to be prominent. They are extremely huge in figure and make people stare for a long time because of their uniqueness and define elegance.


It is a kind of charming flower arrangement that is in oval shape and is highly recommended by many florists in many parts of the world. In order to create different flower arrangements like bouquets, baskets, and bunches, the flowers, green stems, and leaves are cut and trimmed into oval shapes. When the arrangement is viewed from the outside, it appears very dense and bushy and making it appear very attractive. This extravagant flower arrangement is mostly used for both interior and ceremony decorations.


Many flower companies and florists around the world utilize this flower arrangement and thus are considered a common type. Usually, flowers with a strong scent or fragrant are used for this purpose like Jasmine. Different shades of flowers can be arranged in rows or zigzag manner. Shallow containers are mostly used where focal huge flowers come along with branches and leaves descending towards the ground. You might want to avoid flowers like roses and carnations because they don’t show off well in this arrangement. Hydrangea and daisies can pull off their beauty in a horizontal arrangement. 


The creative possibilities with this kind of flower arrangement are unlimited indeed. The commonly used flowers are the ones that have longer stems and different colors and hues are also placed in this splendid flower arrangement like bouquets, baskets, and vase-filled forms. The taller the flower arrangement, the spectacular impression it will make! Usually, these arrangements are made with a combination and mixture of different types of flowers with varying sizes and shapes. Customers all over the world enjoy this particular flower arrangement as well as florist companies. This can be a great gift at special occasions like weddings and birthdays.


Florists around the world use this type of floral arrangement as one of the most commonly used classic styles. Fillers are used to fill the empty spaces between flowers, allowing you to use either the same type or a different kind of flower for the arrangement. As the name states, flowers and leaves are arranged in an outward position just like the shape of a fan. This focuses on the volume and the sizes. This makes an excellent gift to someone dearest to you and adds a beautiful aura to any part of your room.


This one-of-a-kind and flawless arrangement is in a C form just like how the moon looks like. This is a great present for a delightful event such as Ramadan which is celebrated by our Muslim brothers and sisters and as well as a gift for baby showers. This offers a different ambiance because of the beauty of graceful curved line.


The shape of this flower arrangement is triangular just as the name suggests. This is mostly utilized in wedding receptions and ceremonies. The tallest flower stem or the prominent flower is placed in the center with other flowers arranged downwards on the sides to maintain the triangular shape.

Flower arrangements come in so many different designs or endless combinations and they are all tailored to the occasion like anniversaries, birthdays, marriage, and other celebrations. Every single arrangement is personalized for the situation. You may explore our collections and see what is the best flower for a celebration that you’ll organize or send to someone dear to you.