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How to Decorate Your Interior with Flowers

How to Decorate Your Interior with Flowers

Décor trends come and go in the blink of an eye. One day it’s modern minimalist and the next day you need farmhouse chic, leaving you with outdated décor and money lost. No matter your style, there is one trend that will never fade: decorating your home interior with flowers! Stop stressing about trends and check out some of our favorite ways to decorate using high-quality floral.

Dining table centerpiece

Round dining table foliage decor 1 2

The dining area is something you and your family use on the regular, so why not jazz it up with some fresh flowers? Small round tables can be decorated using one simple centerpiece. This doesn’t have to be overly fancy, think simple roses, hydrangeas, lilies, or even some fresh greenery. Large rectangular or square-shaped tables are suitable for other designs. It is recommended to style a large table with up to three beautiful centerpieces or with one long and larger centerpiece with fresh garlands and/or large vases.

Dining table flower decor 2

Statement pieces on a shelf

Plants and flowers on a bookshelf

Do you have a large shelving unit designed to draw the eye as soon as someone walks into the room? Sure, you’ve placed your sideways books, fancy statues, and heirloom knickknacks, but have you considered saving space for weekly florals that add a pop of color and style? If not, then what are you waiting for? A stunning bouquet is a great way to temporarily change out color schemes while adding texture and fragrance without having to alter your typical shelving décor. New guests won’t know the difference and returning guests will love the fresh look.

Foliage on bookshelf

Fresh florals on the nightstand

Nightstand fresh flowers

A bedroom is our safe space. It’s the perfect area to relax, unwind, and destress from our day, which is what makes it the ideal place for stunning floral arrangements. Except for this time, it’s for you and only you. What types of flowers are your favorite? What florals inspire you to be your best? Whether it’s a bouquet of peonies, fresh roses, or a bouquet of wildflowers, keep it simple and small so as to not overwhelm your nightstand or dresser. We’re certain that no matter what you choose, flowers in the bedroom will wake you with a smile and end your day with serenity.

Bedside table fresh flowers

Create the ultimate entryway or hallway statement

Hallway statement flowers

Hallways and large foyers are the ideal places to create a statement. Whether you’re aiming for high-end luxury, looking to celebrate with holiday cheer, or simply want to add your favorite blooms to your home, the entryway is the place to go big. Typically, in a foyer, entry, or hallway, there is plenty of unused space screaming for colour, style, and non-functional décor. So why not pick the most luxurious arrangements using feathers, florals, large vases, and more. Dream big and change it often to add a new look to every event or special occasion.

Home hallway flowers

Upgrade your interior decor with Darcey Flowers

Are you inspired to upgrade your home interior yet? It can be so easy to add a pop of colour, temporary holiday cheer, and sweet scents using nature’s gift, flowers! Check out our Pinterest for more inspiration, and bouquet ideas, and to explore our huge selection of high-quality florals. At Darcey Flowers, we import the highest quality and varieties of unique fresh flowers from all over the world to create luxurious arrangements to help you express your feelings of love, joy, passion, and condolences, and to bring new life to your space.

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