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10 Christmas Symbols and meanings

10 Traditional Christmas Symbols and Their Meanings

When you think of Christmas, what comes to mind? Is it a memory of a loved one, a favorite holiday tradition, shopping for thoughtful gifts, or is it a specific symbol? Whatever it is, have you ever stopped to think more in-depth about what these symbols mean and why they are so crucial to our yearly traditions? Check out 10 of our favorite symbols and the meanings behind them that make them so special.

Christmas trees

Christmas Tree

Used for centuries as a Christmas symbol by both Pagans and Christians, a tree represents the birth of Jesus. Its triangular shape symbolizes the Holy Trinity, and its tippy top is pointing to heaven, symbolizing one’s relationship with God. Whether it’s real, fake, bedazzled with fresh garland, or your favorite ornaments, it feels like the Christmas tree is one of the most popular symbols to represent Christmas.

Christmas stockings

Christmas stockings

Most kids anxiously await to see what was left behind in their colorful stockings. Will it be candy, small gifts, or another type of treasure? Legends say that a poor man with three daughters was struggling to afford their dowries when a Christian Bishop named Nicholas offered to help, but the father declined. Wanting to help, Nicholas threw three balls crafted from gold through an open window, one landing in each of the girls’ stockings as they hung by the fire to dry. This thoughtful gift allowed the women to get married and the stockings became a holiday tradition symbolizing the importance of service.

Candy canes

Candy Cane

Who doesn’t love a delicious holiday treat that doubles as a decor piece? Candy canes not only offer us a tasty peppermint flavor but they are thoughtfully shaped like a shepherd’s cane, creating a symbolic Christmas connection representative of the Good Shepherd and his loyal disciples. Conveniently, this shepherd’s hook hangs beautifully from the beloved Christmas tree.

Poinsettias and Holly Berries

Christmas Flower

Originally from Mexico, poinsettias are beautiful white or vibrant star-shaped flowers that are known to thrive in the winter seasons (depending on your location). After a colder winter season, these stunning florals represent signs of new life and have become a Christmas staple. Many people also pair their holiday poinsettias with red holly or other decorative winterberries. The combination creates a pop of color for this festive time of year.

Holy Berries


Christmas Star

Stars are symbolic of the Christmas tradition because a new star appeared in the sky the night Jesus Christ was born. In fact, it is believed that Samuel the Lamanite prophesied a star would appear as a sign of the new savior’s birth, five years before it occurred. It is not uncommon to see a star shining brightly at the top of a Christmas tree or as a symbol displayed in manger scenery at churches and other places across the globe.


Christmas Bells

Bells were used to announce the birth of Christ. The sweet sound of bells reminds folks not only of his birth, but they are also a prominent symbol of the holiday season. Bells are jingled in our favorite holiday tunes, rung to collect coins for those in need, and hung as beautiful decor.


Christmas Angel

Angles are thought to be the messengers of God who appear as human-like figures with wings and a halo. Known to bring comfort and aid in times of need, angels are often displayed on Christmas cards, artwork, and even at the top of the Christmas tree.


Christmas Wreath

Like trees, wreaths are used as traditional decor during the holiday season. Typically made from the branches and greenery of evergreens, wreaths are proudly displayed on front doors as a welcoming symbol. For additional fun and aesthetics, wreaths can be personalized with beautiful flowers, bows, or nicknacks.


Gingerbread Men

Whether it comes in the form of a delicious cookie or is crafted into a unique house, gingerbread is a tasty cookie that has become a unique symbol of the holiday season. Baking gingerbread and building houses loaded with candy and frosting have quickly become a yearly tradition for many. Did you know that the folks of Russia baked gingerbread replicas of the people who attended their Christmas parties way back in the 17th century?


Christmas Gifts

Although Christmas is not all about gifts, they are enjoyed by many on Christmas morning. Children and adults are delighted to find beautifully wrapped gifts beneath their trees and are equally excited to curate the perfect gift for their loved ones. Gifts symbolize love, remembrance, and the gift of eternal life, making them one of the most popular Christmas symbols.

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