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top 8 well known christmas flowers

Top 8 Well – Known Christmas Flower Plants and Their Meanings

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is the most awaited celebration of the year around the globe. It is the season of joy, love and harmony. It brings out the warmth smile and forgets all the hardship that one’s faced throughout the year. Being with family, relatives, or friends makes Christmas even more special rather than spending all alone. A lot of people tend to plan thoroughly for Christmas designs on every side of the house. Other than Christmas trees and wreaths, flowers can also complement and bring the best festive feels of a home!

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Explore this year’s modern and dazzling Christmas Flowers.


Are you curious about what to include in your Christmas decorations? Here are the popular Christmas Flowers you can use for the upcoming 2021 holiday season.

poinsettia christmas flowers



In the lower part of Mexico, it is a part of their Christmas legend. According to the story, a poor little girl was searching for a gift for Jesus Christ on Christmas Eve. However, because she couldn’t afford anything, all she gave was a small bouquet of flowers that she found on the streets. Her bouquet was turned into a beautiful red Poinsettia when
she placed it on the Nativity scene.

Additionally, people consider poinsettias as Christmas Flowers and believed to bring cheer, success, and good wishes for happiness.

amaryllis christmas flower



Amaryllis glows in cheery bright red color and it is an ancient Greek female name that means “shine” or “sparkle” which makes a perfect Christmas Flower to be in one’s home. They also come out in pure white color, an ideal for snowy and wintry theme. This also symbolizes beauty, confidence, and strength.

white lily christmas flower


Because of their simple yet elegant white color, it holds a great masterpiece together with roses and brings just the right amount of effortless sophistication to the center of the dinner table during Christmas holidays. This blooms like a Christmas star. White lily embodies purity and rebirth, a right Christmas flower for you to be ready for next year’s chapter as well.

mistletoe christmas flower


There are two types of mistletoe, Phoradendron flavescens can be seen in North America while the Viscum album is present in European countries. These are mostly placed on doorways and ceilings. In light of the actions that have taken place beneath the mistletoe, many people believe that it has a symbolic depiction of romance. But did you know that Pagans also used mistletoe during Christmas occasions back in the old days?

hellebore christmas flower


Christmas rose and Winter rose are the common names of Hellebore. This type of flower is a part of the Ranunculaceae family. It signifies peace, serenity, and calmness.

A young and poor shepherd traveled to Bethlehem. In a time of cold weather, he did not find any flowers along the wayside, so he began to cry for not finding a present to give to the new born baby Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, beautiful flowers grew when his tears touched the ground. As a gift, the shepherd took these “Christmas Roses” and gave them to the Child of Christ. Thus, how the Christmas Rose name began.

roses christmas flower



This type of flower is not exclusively for romantic occasions but for Christmas holidays as well. Their vibrant colour complements the traditional colors of the season, making a home look instantly festive especially together with green accessories for the classic Christmas colour combination.



Did you know that holly is the birth flower for individuals who are born in December? As a symbol of Christ’s suffering, the red berries represent drops of blood, and the color of dark green evergreens symbolize eternal life.

christmas cactus christmas flower


Despite its name, this tropical flowering plant is not a cactus but a type of succulent that blooms during the winter and Christmas holidays. It is also known as Thanksgiving Cactus or Holiday Cactus. Plants like this make excellent Christmas gifts because of their robustness and beautiful pink flowers.

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Merry Christmas and have a happy holiday!