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A Fascinating Story Behind the Christmas Rose

A Fascinating Story Behind the Christmas Rose: Helleborus

The lovely Christmas tree, a vibrant poinsettia, some festive holly, and the perfect Christmas Rose to get the holiday started. Wait? Did we say a Christmas Rose? 

Depending on where you live, you may not be familiar with this festive bloom or how it fits into the upcoming flood of the season. In this article, we are going to discover the wonders of the Christmas Rose and how you can use it to usher in the holiday spirit.

About the “Christmas Rose”

A Fascinating Story Behind the Christmas Rose 2

The Christmas Rose, formally known as Helleborus Niger, originates from the crowfoot family and is a perennial plant that ranges in size from 20 cm to 60 cm. Depending on location, the Christmas Rose blooms beautiful white to light pink flowers from November to February and is known to brighten dreary gardens thanks to its frost-resistant features. 

Additionally, each Helleborus plant has lance-shaped leaves with both smooth or serrated edges in a dark green and sometimes blue hue. But don’t let this plant’s beauty and name fool you. This evergreen is poisonous! Not to mention, this unique and poisonous plant may be called a Christmas Rose but it isn’t even a part of the rose.

The origin of the “Christmas Rose”


The story goes that a young shepherdess named Madelon was tending to her family’s flock on Christmas Eve. At this time she saw other shepherds who turned out to be the three wise men passing by on their way to view the holy child known as baby Jesus. After her arrival, she came to the realization she had no gift to give, and so, she began to cry.

Legend has it an angel took pity on the young shepherdess and took her outside. When the cherub touched the ground, a beautiful white flower arose from the snowy ground, providing the young shepherdess with a gift to give. The beautiful white flower is now known as the Christmas Rose.

This story has been passed down from generation to generation and because of its unique background, some believe that the Christmas Rose is true, a holy flower with mystical powers. As such, people around the world have planted it near the entryways to their homes to ward off evil spirits.

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