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Make Your Fresh Flowers Last Longer

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Most people find joy in choosing fresh flowers for someone as a gift, selecting the best blooms for their homes or just getting some for themselves to revel. A bunch of lovely flowers can bring cheer and happiness to someone’s day or beautify any space. And of course, what a joy to be on the receiving end of some gorgeous fresh flowers.

Care Guide

  1. Gently unwrap all packaging from the flowers.
  2. Prepare the flowers on a vase filled with clean water.
  3. Place the flowers away from ripening fruits and some heat factors which can cause flowers to have a shortened life span.
  4. Remove any leaves and older petals floating on the water surface.
  5. Re-cut the stems every 2 to 3 days and at the same time change the water.
  6. Add flower food as per the guide on the sachet.
  7. Store the flowers in a cool room away from direct sunlight.

It seems like doing the above care guide is just so easy, isn’t it? Those tips will come in handy when you receive another pretty flower delivery from your friends or you may wanna start applying it on your next flower purchase! Discover our online catalog of premium flowers – from hand-tied bouquets to a stunning floral box for your next occasion.