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Summer Collection

Choose from our bright and attractive collection of summer flowers.

  • color splash
    Emirati Women's Day Collection Color Splash From: AED 460.00
  • love at first sight
    Emirati Women's Day Collection Love at First Sight From: AED 455.00
  • first crush
    Get Well Soon Flowers First Crush From: AED 555.00
  • hydrangea galore
  • color me rose lavender lace
    Summer Collection Color Me Rose AED 745.00
  • raspberry madness
    Summer Collection Raspberry Madness AED 645.00
  • youre my sunshine
    Summer Collection You’re My Sunshine AED 445.00
  • lovely blooms
    Summer Collection Lovely Blooms AED 785.00
  • raspberry pop
    Summer Collection Raspberry Pop AED 750.00
  • rustic love
    Summer Collection Rustic Love AED 655.00
  • sassy verena
    Summer Collection Sassy Verena AED 905.00
  • summer love
    Summer Collection Summer Love AED 710.00
  • blooming julieta new vase
    Darcey Specials Blooming Julieta AED 785.00
  • Hello Honey
    Birthday Flowers Hello Honey From: AED 725.00
  • Maryam
    Anniversary Flowers Maryam From: AED 815.00
  • Royal Benefit
    Birthday Flowers Royal Benefit From: AED 565.00
  • Fluffy Verena Pink
    Birthday Flowers Fluffy Verena Pink From: AED 565.00
  • yellow breeze 1
    Best Sellers Yellow Breeze AED 510.00
  • stylish vanda choco red 1
    Darcey Specials Stylish Vanda AED 1,080.00
  • lovely julieta salmon
    Anniversary Flowers Lovely Julieta Roses AED 1,635.00
  • cherry and salmon
    Anniversary Flowers Cherry and Lemon AED 585.00
  • Say My Name
    Darcey Specials Say My Name AED 910.00
  • dazzling yellow
    Get Well Soon Flowers Dazzling Yellow From: AED 475.00
  • favorite two scaled
    Best Sellers Favorite Two AED 660.00