Hand-Tied Bouquets

  • odilla
    Anniversary Flowers Odilla From: AED 380.00
    Anniversary Flowers My Mega Blooms AED 2,810.00
    Birthday Flowers My Sweet Raspberry From: AED 555.00
  • Majestic Misty
    Anniversary Flowers Majestic Misty From: AED 485.00
    Birthday Flowers Raspberry Sundae From: AED 605.00
  • alexanders sweetheart 1
    Anniversary Flowers Alexander’s Sweetheart From: AED 625.00
  • My fave hues 3
    Anniversary Flowers My Fave Hues From: AED 625.00
  • hello sunflower
    Get Well Soon Flowers Hello Sunflower From: AED 375.00
  • Yellow lovers new
    Hand-Tied Bouquets Yellow Lovers AED 400.00
  • pastel magic
    Birthday Flowers Pastel Magic From: AED 650.00
  • hello bombastic
    Graduation Flowers Hello Bombastic From: AED 545.00
  • Hello Lullaby
    Hand-Tied Bouquets Hello Lullaby From: AED 395.00
  • miss olive
    Anniversary Flowers Miss Olive From: AED 465.00
  • Almiras Pick
    Birthday Flowers Almira’s Pick From: AED 485.00
  • orion blue
    Blue Flowers Orion Blue From: AED 630.00
  • esperance blooms
    Anniversary Flowers Esperance Blooms From: AED 490.00
  • mega sunflower
    Birthday Flowers Mega Sunflower AED 1,550.00
  • Deep Purple Hydrangea
    Birthday Flowers Deep Purple Hydrangea From: AED 565.00
  • Nightingale kisses
    Birthday Flowers Nightingale Kisses From: AED 745.00
  • 101 peonies 1
    Anniversary Flowers 101 Peonies AED 4,275.00
  • blushing pink sarah
    Anniversary Flowers Blushing Pink Sarah AED 2,135.00
  • Grand Peony
    Get Well Soon Flowers Grand Peony AED 4,235.00
  • Mothers Choice Hand tied
    Get Well Soon Flowers Mother’s Choice Handtied From: AED 705.00
  • Baby Blush
    Birthday Flowers Baby Blush From: AED 440.00

Hand-tied Bouquet FAQ


  • What is a hand tied bouquet?
    • It refers to a bouquet prepared by taking individual flower stems and arranging them directly in one’s hands to form the arrangement. The stems are normally tied together and wrapped with a ribbon to form a hand held bouquet.
  • Should you untie a hand tied bouquet?
    • No. Carefully remove all packaging or wrapping but don’t untie your flowers upon receiving a bouquet.
  • How do you keep a hand-tied bouquet fresh?
    • Display the bouquet in a cool place away from direct sunlight and ripening fruits. Replace water every 2 to 3 days.
  • How many stems in a hand-tied bouquet?
    • The quantity of flowers varies depending on the type or size of the bouquet you plan to make
  • How long do hand tied flowers last?
    • Flowers in a hand-tied bouquet typically last 5 days to a week.
  • How do you keep a hand tied bouquet fresh?
    • Keep the bouquet in a cool place away from direct sunlight and ripening fruits. Replace water every 2 to 3 days.