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Little Palm

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This indoor plant will give your otherwise bland home some life.

Product Description:

  • Arrangement size: Medium
  • Plant: Chamaedora Elegans 35cm 12cm
  • Pot/ Vase: Clay Pot/ Size: 15 cm height, 20 diameter 


Guide to Chamaedora Elegans Plant

( Otherwise known as Parlor Palm )

  • Chamadorea Elegans thrive in average humidity.
  • This plant prefers semi-shade and avoids to place in a direct sunlight location. 
  • Give them regular medium watering.
  • Ensure that the Chamaedorea soil is always moist but not entirely submerged.
  • Remove the wilted parts of the leaves that still have brown tips with a pair of scissors without harming the plant.

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