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Peonies All you Need to Know

Peonies – All You Need To Know

Many people are caught up with their layered and fluffy blooms that truly show charm and elegance. They are referred to as “King of Flowers” in China and were the national flower prior to 1929 before they were replaced by plum trees. Peonies are pretty dependable, they may take some time to settle when planted and they may look delicate, but if they are being taken care of well, they might probably live for a hundred couple of years. Peonies have always been a perfect one when adding a new flower to any garden or landscape. Many brides also pay close attention to peony bouquets. Alone or even in mixed bouquets, then this may be perfect for individuals who plan to give their special someone some beautiful flowers.

Here are the other things that you need to know about peonies

beauty of peonies


There’s something about the beauty of peonies that makes it a favorite among many.
From all shades of pink, pure white, vibrant coral, and burgundy, peonies are stunning in every color.


First,  in Greek Mythology, Peony was said to be named after the Greek Physician of the gods, Paeon. Aesculapius, the god of medicine, was the professor of Paeon. It was the first time when Paeon used a peony root to heal Pluto. Aesculapius tried to kill Peon because of being jealous of his talents. Pluto transformed Peon into a  Peony in order to save him which showed compassion because he knew Peony was a flower that people would give attention to and admire. The second myth was connected to a nymph named Paeonia. Apollo started to flirt with Paeonia because he was attracted to her beauty. Little did they know that Aphrodite was watching them. Aphrodite became bashful and she  transformed the nymph into a red peony. That was the reason why peony came to be a representation of bashfulness. 


  • Herbaceous Peonies

They are also known as bush peonies and they require very little care but are long-lasting and strong. They bloom in late spring to early summer for about 7 – 10 days. They only die to the ground around in the late fall and remain inactive throughout the winter season.  They also come in two kinds: lucrative peony and hybrid peony. 

  • Tree Peonies 

They are woody perennial shrubs and slow in growth up to 3 – 7 ft  but they generate incredibly large flowers than other types of peonies. They bloom in mid to late spring before the herbaceous peonies. 

  • Intersectional Peonies 

This type of peony is also called Itoh Hybrids.  They produce up to 50 or more humongous flowers on short stems.  Intersectional Peonies bloom 3 – 4 weeks after herbaceous peonies. They are shorter than bush peonies with a rounded form that is healthy and strong. 


Peonies flowers bloom last for about 7 – 10 days which is a short period of time. The overall peony blooming period lasts 6 weeks, beginning with tree peonies then bush peonies, and lastly intersectional peonies. It usually happens in April and through the months of May and June, late spring to early summer.



Dig a hole for about 2 feet deep and 2 feet across. Then the 4 inches layer is for an organic matter like compost or manure. A half of a cup of  plant food with a mix of superphosphate. Place the root just 2 inches below the soil surface and secure it with firmed soil. Make sure the soil must not bury the root deeper than 2 inches. There are no visible peonies during the first year. It will take up to two years to produce the blooms. 

Note: Peonies love deep, and moist soils. The soil pH should be neutral (ph 7.0).

make peony last longer


  • Remove any leaves from the lower part of the stem before placing them into a vase so that they’re not immersed in the water to prevent them from rotting.
  • Keep them away from direct sunlight in order to preserve their freshness.
  • Replace the water every other day and trim the stems.
  • Store them at a cool temperature.


  • The petals of peonies are cooked partially and consumed as desserts in China. 
  • Peonies are national flowers in Indiana
  • It is present in almost every color except blue 
  • Peonies represent romance, wealth, happiness and beauty. 
  • A peony plant can live for more than 100 years under the right conditions
  • Ants love Peonies! They are charmed by the sweet nectar produced inside the peony buds. They also help the flowers to open. 
  • They are the traditional anniversary flowers during the 12th anniversary. 
  • Lighter pink peonies are more aromatic than darker ones.

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