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Darcey Flowers is Rated Best Florist in the UAE by Emirates Woman

Dubai and all across the United Arab Emirates are home to hundreds of flower boutiques and shops. There is intense competition between flower online delivery firms in our industry. Online flower delivery shops boomed especially during the pandemic until now because of easy access. There are also flower shops available in malls, nearby road areas, and many more. Being able to flourish and stand out amongst others is already a noteworthy accomplishment.

We proudly present to you that Darcey Flowers is mentioned in one of the articles of Emirates Woman titled “ 14 of the Best Florists in the UAE”. 

Description of Darcey Flowers from Emirates Woman:

The award-winning florist in Dubai is known for offering a wide range of premium and luxury flower bouquets and arrangements. Whether Ramadan or any other special occasion, there are an array of florals to choose from, be it tulips or peonies. Whether table set-ups or birthdays, Darcey is known for its irresistible creations, that are sourced specially from around the world. Designed to make any evening or occasion memorable, these bouquets are carefully prepared by a team of in-house experts. This premium flower shop ensures same-day delivery in the UAE, to be in time for any event.

We, Darcey Flowers, guarantee you that we’ll provide the best of our abilities and services. We commit to deliver breathtaking and superb flowers with love!

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