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Garden boxes

A Gift Within A Gift: Making Your Gift More Special

In the heart of Dubai’s vibrant floral scene, Darcey Flowers is proud to introduce a breathtaking addition to our collection – Garden Boxes. With these stunning products, we’ve redefined the art of gift-giving, created to complement the beauty of your sincere presents. A gift within a gift that is poised to change the way you express your love, gratitude, and respect.

Garden boxes

Garden Boxes: A Gift Within a Gift to Enhance Your Gift-Giving Experience

Think about giving a gift that not only speaks to your loved ones’ hearts but also captivates their senses. It is a dream that is now a reality, thanks to our Garden Boxes. Clients are welcome to bring their special gifts, which will be enclosed in a box filled with fragrant, bright flowers. It’s a work of art that adds a touch of elegance and sentimentality to your present.

Adaptability for Every Occasion

Our Garden Boxes are adaptable and may be customized to fit any occasion. Our Garden Boxes are the ideal choice for a wedding, a birthday celebration, an anniversary, or any other event where elegance and beauty are essential. Each product exemplifies our dedication to creating one-of-a-kind experiences for our clients.

What’s Inside Our Garden Box Collection

Dive into our wonderful collection of pre-designed Garden Boxes, each with its own distinct personality and charm. If you’re looking for something genuinely one-of-a-kind, our skilled staff is ready to create a personalized Garden Box that fits your idea. Here are some highlights from our Garden Box collection:


A stunning arrangement with crisp white and vibrant colors, adding a touch of natural beauty to any setting.


A beautiful mix of delicate and lively flowers creates an eye-catching bouquet.


A serene bouquet of soft pastel blooms, offering a sophisticated and calming presence.

Golden Reign Garden Box


A colorful bouquet with a lively mix of blooms that catches the eye.


A captivating blend of vivid and soft colors, creating a harmonious arrangement.


A romantic and visually pleasing arrangement featuring soft pink and peach flowers.


A stunning arrangement filled with peonies, capturing the essence of classic beauty and grace.

Embrace the Warmth of Gifting

Our exquisite Garden Boxes are meticulously crafted to cradle your cherished gift within a luxurious bed of the finest flowers. The timeless allure of flowers takes on a whole new dimension with our captivating Garden Boxes. Visit our flower shop in Dubai to explore these masterpieces and discover the warmth of gifting like never before.

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