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Earthy Vibe

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Never underestimate the power of having green friends at home. This Philodebdron plant is something you will be happy to have and take care of.

Product Description:

  • Arrangement size: Medium
  • Plant: Philodendron White Wave 35cm 12cm
  • Pot/ Vase: Clay Pot/ Size: 15 cm height, 16 diameter 

Guide to Philodendron 

  • Philodendron thrives in rich, light, airy soil.
  • Provide plenty of bright, filtered light for this indoor plant.
  • Make sure to give it at least five hours of bright, indirect light each day to maintain the variegated leaves distinctly vibrant.
  •  Keep it away from the cold and avoid over-watering by allowing it to dry between waterings.

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