Treat Your MOM with only the Best This Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

How to make your Mother feel more special this Mother's Day?

There are many different ways on how you call her – MAMA, MOM, MOMMY, MADRE, UMI, INA, whatever or however you say her name, she will always be special in your hearts. 

This coming Mother’s Day is a perfect time to give back and say thank you to the extraordinary women of our lives – our mother dearest.

Mother’s Day is a remarkable day to celebrate all the hard work and sacrifices that she’s done. 

How do you show your love or tell her you appreciate her? What are the best things to do to celebrate the day? We got some ways that might inspire you to give a go as Mother’s Day Treat.

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Explore the best Gifts for this Mother's Day

1. Pamper her for a Day at the Spa

Mom deserves a much-needed pampering from all the stress and multitasking tasks that she does.

A photo of a woman relaxing and pampering in the spa.

2. Dinner Date with Mom

Treat her to a fancy restaurant where she can have an incomparable dining experience or as an alternative you can also prepare and cook her favorite meals at home.

Dinner food in a fancy restaurant.

3. Spoil her with a shopping spree

Give mama a day to shop. Some retail therapy to de-stress.

A photo of fashion, dress, sweater in the shopping malls.

4. New Plants

Buy her new plants to add to her growing plant collection and help her recreate her garden. Transform her garden into a place where she can enjoy more and spend time relaxing.

Detailed View of Orchid Plant

5. Send the finest Mother's Day Flowers

There’s no better way to surprise your mother than her favorite blooms of fresh flowers to let her know how special and loved she is. Clue: A grand bouquet or mega flower arrangement is surely something she will enjoy.
Detailed photo of vanda special mauve plum, peony sarah bernhardt and syringa lilac on a lawson orange cement tetris pot.

Without MAMA, you will not be who you are today. Make this day extra special by treating her like the royalty that she deserves.

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Explore the best Gifts for this Mother's Day

However you will celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom this year, always remember and consider the things that will make your mother smile, give her simple joy, and will make her proud of you.

Best Flowers to Send on International Women’s Day

Detailed View of Mimosa, Rose and Peony Boquet

Every 8th of March, International Women’s Day is celebrated to admire and honor women’s achievements in all aspects such as socially, economically, and politically. It is also a day to promote gender equality and combating discrimination against women.

This year’s theme is Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.” The said theme recognizes not only the remarkable efforts and hard work of female front liners across the globe in the fight against the Covid-19 virus but also giving the spotlight to all women who are greatly contributing and influencing on the road to recovery from the pandemic.

How can you appreciate every important woman in your life in your own simple way? Sending fresh flowers on International Women’s day is a good idea. It is precisely a perfect gift idea for International Women’s Day. Fresh blooms are known for lifting spirits and giving an emotional impact on a person. 

Here in the United Arab Emirates, it is an important day as most locals and expatriates alike value this celebration. There’s nothing like giving or receiving a fresh flower delivery on Women’s Day. 

Women's Day Premium Flower Collection


You will get lovely different colors of tulips that will make a perfect bunch of bouquets. Each color has an equally interesting meaning and symbolism. Yellow and pink tulips are the perfect treat on Women’s Day. 

Tulip Flowers

2. Mimosa

The bright yellow and playful blooms of mimosa are a popular flower for International Women’s Day in Italy and some parts of Europe. Mimosa is known to symbolize tenderness, sensibility, and sensitivity. Send a bouquet of Mimosa to your girlfriends in Dubai. Who wouldn’t be delighted to receive a bunch or two? 

Detailed View of Mimosa Flower Arrangement


Roses Roses are versatile blooms to send as an ideal gift on any occasion. They are also wonderful to send on International Women’s Day. Our favorite picks are: pink, yellow, white and orange colors. 

Lady holding Grand Quick Sand Rose Flower Bouquet

4. Phalaenopsis

Orchids because of their elegance and luxe characteristics, the Phalaenopsis orchid is a favorite of many women. Orchid plants are very trendy flower gifts in Dubai nowadays. Why don’t you get it for your mom, sister, or wife this Women’s Day? 

Detailed View of Orchid Plant

5. Sunflower

The gorgeous and golden blooms of sunflowers are perfect to offer smiles and happiness to the woman of your life. Give sunflower bouquet on International Women’s Day to make their day.

So, don’t miss this important day. This is your chance to applaud all the amazing women in your lives. Indulge them with fresh flowers and treat them with perfect bouquets and flower gifts on International Women’s Day.

Get them delivered through our free same-day flower delivery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, and the rest of Emirates. 

Eid Al Adha Gifts from Flower Shop in Dubai

The second Eid of the year is all about the spirit of sharing. This festival is celebrated throughout the Muslim community as a commemoration of Prophet Abraham’s keenness to sacrifice everything for God. It is a time to rejoice and rekindle as a family and feast together. This year, Eid Al Adha in the United Arab Emirates will begin on the evening of July 30 and ends in the evening of August 2. Here are some tips on gift-giving and a guide on how to make this holiday as blissful as possible:

Decorate your home

Eid is usually celebrated as a family occasion. Eid starts with going to the mosque to participate in a special Eid prayer which is known as Idgah, followed by a small gathering at home. Make your home warm and welcoming by decorating your house in beautiful lights and other accessories like our flower arrangements which are perfect as a home ornament.

As one of the most-trusted flower shop in Dubai, we make sure to create arrangements that are suitable for any occasion. Adding some colorful box arrangements will also allow you to fill out some dull spaces in your home.

Dine with your close friends and family

On Eid, Muslims invite friends and colleagues, regardless of their faith, to dine at home. It is customary for a family to have a goat or sheep butchered at an abattoir; one-third of the meat is eaten by the family, and the majority is distributed among the needy.

Style your dining tables with some dried blooms from reputable flower delivery in Dubai. Try some awesome arrangements that are sustainable yet trendy and long-lasting.

Hand over flower gifts

No festival will be fulfilled without gift-giving. This is the most exciting part of Eid al Adha, the tradition of handing over gifts. This serves as a gesture of wishing luck and goodwill. While many choose to give out new clothes, some Muslims show their appreciation for their
friends and loved ones by giving out sweets and other traditional delicacies. Children often receive cash while parents receive some wonderfully arranged Dubai flowers.

Check out this box called Lovely Surprise which is made out from the combination of light pink small dried Palm Spear, Rose Special Juliet, Rose Spray Special Misty Bubbles, Phalaenopsis Cut Aloha, Peach Colored Pampas, and Eucalyptus Cinerea Painted Champagne.

Send flowers

This year, because of the global pandemic, traditions will likely be put on hold. But that should not stop you from expressing your thoughtfulness to your loved ones. If you are uncertain as to what to gift your mother, wife, sisters or girl best friends, then a beautiful arrangement of Dubai flowers would make an ideal gift for Eid. You can select from our magnificent Darcey Box Collections for flower arrangements that reflect your sweetness and warm wishes.

As the leading flower shop in Dubai, we offer same-day delivery and offer the option of picking out flower arrangements online. We outsource our flowers from the largest farms of first-class flower suppliers around the world, such as the Netherlands, Taiwan, Ethiopia, and Kenya. We replenish our flowers weekly to ensure freshness.

The Freshest Flowers For Mommy Dearest, this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and as one of the most celebrated holidays in the UAE, there’s a lot of excitement around it. You’ll see plenty of spa deals, bundle gifts and dinner deals for Mother’s Day but there is nothing like a bouquet of beautiful flowers to make your mom feel special! Who doesn’t love flowers? They have always evoked feelings of warmth and love like nothing else and hold a special significance in the hearts of people. We’ve seen young kids pick flowers from the park and complement it with other gifts to give to their friends and family. Whatever your choice of gift is, whether practical or sentimental and whoever happens to be the recipient of them, flowers make everything extra special. If words fail you, our beautiful floral bundles have got you covered.  As we grow up, we usually start picking more practical gifts for our friends and families, but nothing gives someone more joy than seeing a beautifully packed floral bouquet. It connects with them emotionally and gives them immediate happiness which is invaluable. With happiness comes positivity and it magically uplifts their mood, and this is exactly how we would like to see our mothers – cheerful and happy.  As a firm believer of flower power, we want to deliver them super fresh and preferably not wilted even a bit. Getting flowers delivered to someone is one of the most popular ways of people to express their love, regardless of their ethnicity. And you can easily do this using our flower delivery in Dubai service. 

Get Flowers for your Mom in UAE

Although, we are based in Dubai only but deliver all over the United Arab Emirates. We’ve had customers who have sent our products to friends and family and used them for occasions such as baby showers, weddings, and whatnot. We always deliver and our service is so quick, you’ll be surprised as well. As pioneers in collective flower arrangements, we offer the best value, quality cut flowers for all occasions. With a same-day delivery service available, even if you have momentarily forgotten that it is Mother’s Day or are out of the city or occupied to take your mom out for dinner, she’ll melt when she gets one of these beautiful arrangements of flowers as a token of your love.  The flowers available at our store are, of course, subject to seasonal availability. For this season, you can find some gorgeous peonies and bright sunflowers with us- two of the most favorite flowers among moms. You can also have an arrangement of one kind of flowers in your bouquet or a hybrid of different flowers. We make sure that our customer service is helpful, doesn’t disappoint and if you’re confused about what to pick, we’ll assist in picking the best flowers for your budget. The flowers come from the Netherlands, Kenya, and Taiwan and entail a variety of bloom bundles.  This Mother’s Day, show your love by giving a gift of fragrance and beauty; get flowers for mom and show her the love she deserves. After all, our mothers sacrifice a lot for us, and even though we should celebrate their presence in our lives throughout the year, but this day call for something special. 

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