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Ultimate Guide To Different Birth Flowers By Month

Flower arrangements and bouquets are perfect choices to give as a gift on any important events and occasions including birthdays. Everyone loves receiving a flower delivery on their special day. There’s no doubt most people choose to send fresh flowers as birthday gift as it makes a delightful surprise. There’s something special about flowers when sent as a gift. Every birthday flower delivery is extraordinary as it evokes thoughtful gesture, care and love from the sender.

It’s already known that flowers are one of the best birthday gifts you can give. How can you make it extra special? Do you know every month has a corresponding flower with specified significance attached to it? Yes, you heard it right. Why not turn your flower gifts more meaningful by sending your dearest ones their birth month flowers? Seize this opportunity to discover your loved one’s birth flower.

Here’s our ultimate guide to the different birth flowers by month and what it means so it’s easy for you to decide which best flowers to send on their birthdays:

MonthBirth FlowerMeaning
JanuaryCarnationAdmiration, Love, Appreciation
FebruaryPrimroseLuck, Devotion, Youthfulness
MarchDaffodilNew beginnings, Happiness, Respect
AprilDaisyPlayfulness, Cheer, Optimism
MayLily of the ValleySweetness, Joy, Inner Peace
JuneRoseHonor, Beauty, Passion
JulyDelphiniumCharm, Positivity, Good Intentions
AugustPoppyStrength, Success, Luxury
SeptemberAsterFaith, Valor, Patience
OctoberMarigoldCreative, Driven, Warmth
NovemberChrysanthemumFriendship, Health, Longevity
DecemberHolly and PoinsettiaFertility, Good Fortune, Faithfulness

Birthday Flowers Meaning Table

January Birthday Flowers



The dainty carnation means admiration, love and appreciation. It’s the birth flower of anyone born in the month of January. Carnation is also popularly known as Dianthus or Sweet William. Carnations are a lovely addition to any arrangement as their ruffled blooms give a charming look. In addition, this particular flower has a variety of pretty colors so you will have more options for your flower bouquet gift.

February Birthday Flowers



If you’re assuming that rose is the birth flower of those who are born in February, well, you may want to change your mind! You’ll be surprised to know that the birth flower for February is actually Primrose. This tantalizing yellow flower signifies youthfulness and devotion.

March Birthday Flowers



As March is the month when spring officially starts in some parts of the world, one can easily understand why Daffodil is chosen as the flower for this month. Daffodils are perennials which bloom in early spring representing new beginnings. The bright and cheerful yellow flower of daffodils brings joy and happiness to everyone.

April Birthday Flowers


Daisy 1

Daisy is the official birth flower for the month of April. The lovely daisy denotes optimism and cheerfulness. One would appreciate a bouquet or an arrangement full of daisies as they look playful to look at. Daisies are also one of the most well-known flowers ever existed.

May Birthday Flowers

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

Another flower blooming beautifully during spring season is Lily of the Valley which is also the birth flower for the month of May. The pretty and fragrant lily of the valley symbolizes joy and inner peace. The little white blooms of this flower symbolize sweetness. The pristine white and daintiness of this flower make it as one of the popular choices of many for bridal bouquet.

June Birthday Flowers


Rose 1

Surprisingly for June birthdays, they have one of the most popular flowers of all time as their birth month flower which is the Rose. Every color of rose has its own and distinct significance. Representing honor, beauty and passion in general, rose is timeless and reveled by many for over centuries now. Get lucky and send a dozen of red roses to your special someone on her birthday to express your feelings of love and passion.

July Birthday Flowers



The July birth flower is Delphinium, with its long and spiky characteristics, it can easily grab attention. Delphinium symbolizes charm and good intentions. When you want to share positivity, send a bunch of beautiful delphiniums to your love who’s celebrating their birthday.

August Birthday Flowers


pexels susanne jutzeler sujufoto 1130430

Poppy is the birth flower of anyone born in August. Poppies are delicate flower yet exude a whimsical feel. Poppies are associated with success and luxury. When you want to greet a happy birthday to someone, you may want to add poppies in your flower bouquet to wish them success and prosperity at the same time.

September Birthday Flowers


Aster 1

The charming aster is the birth flower of September birthday celebrants. The cuteness of this flower will enthrall someone when arranged as a bouquet. Aster represents valor and patience. What makes this flower more appealing is that it blooms all year round.

October Birthday Flowers



Marigold is the birth flower for October. Known for its bright, golden blooms and fascinating scent, marigolds are well-known to many. Marigold represents warmth and creativity. If your birthday happens to fall on October, you probably possess the same characteristics similar to your birth flower.

November Birthday Flowers



Chrysanthemum is the birth flower for the month of November. Chrysanthemum is often called as mum. The meaning of chrysanthemum includes health, longevity and friendship. You will enjoy the wide available colors of chrysanthemum perfect for flower arrangements.

December Birthday Flowers

Holly and Poinsettia

Holly and Poinsettia

It’s no surprise that holly and poinsettia are said to be the birth flowers for the month of December. Holly and poinsettia are also synonymous to this festive season of December. Holly signifies good fortune and faithfulness at once. Let them feel the festive vibe of the season through these seasonal blooms.

Add a personal touch to your flower delivery, make sure to get them a bouquet presenting their birth flower. Surprise them with exquisite bouquets they will love!

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