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The Meaning of Different Rose Colors

What’s the first bloom that comes in your mind when you hear the word flowers? Most of you will agree and have roses first as an answer. Perhaps, rose is the most popular and recognized flower in the world. The beauty of rose transcends time and the magical charisma it brings.

cerise affection


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Roses are wonderfully fragrant, with simple yet exquisite elegance adding a timeless touch to any bouquet and complementing a beautiful arrangement. Known to be the top choice for flower gift ideas and incorporated in almost any occasion because of its effortless beauty and its availability in so many stunning colors.

It is said that roses make a perfect gift of love and affection however each color can suggest different things and meanings. It is best to decode each color to choose the suitable rose color to convey the correct message. You don’t want to send wrong signals, do you?


classic red roses


Red is probably the most famous rose color of all time. Red roses signify romantic love, desire and passion. No wonder red roses are such a hit during Valentine’s Day. This color is the top pick when sending a bouquet to convey and confess their love and admiration. There’s no better way to say “I love you” with the classic red roses. They are perfect to send if you’re going for a date, celebrating an anniversary, Valentine’s Day and even on an ordinary day to surprise your romantic partner.

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white rose


A classic representation of purity, innocence and peace, white roses are lovely and pristine. White roses are also popular choice for a bridal bouquet. It also signifies new beginnings hence making it perfect flower for weddings. Not only that, white roses can also mean reverence and humility.

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yellow rose


Yellow roses are a symbol of joy, caring and friendship. The bright and gorgeous hues of yellow rose make it a perfect gift to send a message of delight, good luck, welcome back or to bring some cheer to someone who needs a little pick-me-up. Yellow roses can surely brighten a friend’s gloomy day.

Just a little reminder to skip yellow rose if you want to win someone’s heart as it suggests more of a platonic or friendly love.

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pale pink rose


Pink roses are often associated with grace, elegance and femininity. A pink rose can have additional symbolisms depending on its shade.

Light or pale pink rose can mean admiration while darker shade of pink conveys gratitude and appreciation. Pink roses are irresistible and undeniably one of the favorites roses of many too.

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orange rose


Orange roses are known for enthusiasm, energy and fascination. With their vibrant and flaming hue, orange roses typically signify a blossoming romance.

purple rose


What does a purple rose color signify? Purple rose indicates royalty and opulence. Sending a bouquet of purple rose is just suitable for any special occasion to give a more regal touch. Purple roses are also used to express infatuation and enchantment.

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Don’t get overwhelmed with too many colors of rose to select from. Now that you have an idea of what each rose color signifies, it would be easier for you to decide which bouquet to take to express your emotions. Enjoy choosing!