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The 5 Most Popular Flowers for Valentine’s Day

“Flowers are the music of the ground from earth’s lips spoken without sound”

by Edwin Curran

Flowers are one of the most gorgeous things present in the environment. They make our surroundings more wonderful and captivating with their different sizes, colors, fragrance and shape. Flowers are always available on every occasion and one of those celebrations is Valentine’s Day. So if you’re looking for a  beautiful gift this coming Valentine’s Day celebration, then flowers alone or incorporating flowers with other gifts may be a great idea as well. A recent statistics that was taken for Valentine’s Day sales, 64% of men buy flowers and 36% are women. Did you know that 61% of men totally agree that they would love to receive flowers from women? Interesting isn’t it? It contrasts the idea or belief of some people that flowers are just for women. Flowers are universal, there is no specific gender to whom to give. Men want to receive flowers just like the reasons why they give flowers  to women

If you are wondering what type of flowers are popular to give for Valentine’s Day then worry no more because we have gathered  a list for you!

roses expressing love


Roses are known to be a symbol of expressing love. Among all the different colors of roses, red ones are mostly sold every Valentine’s Day. The soft petals and soothing scent of roses represent the fathomless passionate and enchanting feelings that you have for your special person. White roses are an excellent match as well, especially if you and your other half are just starting out then this could show her how optimistic you are about your future together. You may check our Roses Collection, and find the perfect rose flower for your dearest someone! Roses will truly be a stunning Valentine’s Day delivery gift. With same day delivery, Darcey Flowers, guarantees you a delivery of fresh roses will arrive to your receiver in a beautifully hand – made arrangement.


red colored tulips


Other than roses, tulips are the perfect type of flower to give as well. It has a romantic symbolism just like what roses have. Even though they are cut, the heart shaped flower will continuously grow in water. The bulb part can be planted after blooming in a place wherein the right climate is present. Other than red colored tulips, there are different colors available as well. Giving a pink tulip represents how your lover affects your happiness, orange tulips symbolizes passion, white tulips represent purity, and purple tulips are ways to tell someone that you are my king/queen.


orchids phalaenopsis


This type of flower or also known as Phalaenopsis is another beautiful choice for Valentine’s Day in expressing your devotion and admiration that will surely make your darling dearest’s day a brighter one! It is a great idea to give this as a gift for your dearest lover, friends, or family. They represent love, beauty, and refinement. It is available in shades of pink, white, lavender, and other mixtures of different colors. Here in Darcey flowers, we have a potted plant arrangement for this type of flower, then this will be a great present for your loved one if they are a plant lover.

carnations crown


Carnations have a pure history that was used in Greek ceremonial crowns and people believed before that the word named carnation comes from the word “coronation“. What makes this flower special is that they are long lasting and very famous in Europe, part of the globe considered as Valentine’s Day flowers. Pink carnations are often associated with admiration and devotion and are mostly given by secret admirers. Sending the girl of your dreams a bouquet with carnations would be a great gesture especially if you have been watching her from afar. Aside from that, this type of flower is also great for your mother who shows and lets you feel unconditional love for you.

daisy cheerful vibes


When you think of daisies, the first color that you think of is the traditional white type with a yellow part at the center. But there are other beautiful colors as well that may be a perfect choice for a gift to your dearest partner or someone close to your heart. Daisy screams cheerful vibes, purity, beauty, and loyal love. Daisies can be a great way to express a new beginning of something amazing with your other half.

Do you have any idea on what flower you will give? Giving and sending flowers to someone close to your heart may truly make their day a brighter one. Let blooms do So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out and check our Valentine’s Collection!

Tip: Do place your order in advance to book the delivery on the same day of February 14. Celebrate Valentine’s day with happy hearts and smiling faces!