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Helpful Plant Care Tips While on Holiday

Helpful Plant Care Tips While on Holiday

With more countries opening again for tourists and starting to ease up for Covid-19
related protocols, traveling is now coming back slowly. Summer in the UAE is a popular season
for most residents and citizens to go out of the country and travel to escape the extreme summer

Checklist has been ticked. You booked a ticket, customize your itinerary and all your bags
are packed and ready to go. Finally! You are traveling and going on your most awaited vacation.
While you are thrilled to go, you are also worrying about your dear and valuable plant collection.
Most of the indoor or houseplants require less maintenance and even water but there are some
which needs to be tend to live. The challenge now is; how are they going to survive and flourish
while you are away?

Don’t worry! We feel your plant lover soul. We know you dread to see your plants wilting and
dying. Of course, how sweet it is to be greeted with thriving plants upon your return.

So, here’s a quick list on what to do before you leave:

1. Gather all your plants in one corner if possible. Placing the houseplants in one place aid
in retaining its moisture.

2. Thoroughly check all your houseplants. Check the soil, removing any dead flowers or

3. Trim or remove wilted leaves and throw them out.

4. Make sure to place the houseplants free from direct sunlight. You can move them in a little dim or shady area to keep hydration.

5. Ensure plants are properly watered and hydrated. It is highly important that you water and soak before you leave.

6. If you are going for a longer trip, ask a friend or relative to help you check or look after your houseplants. Just give them a heads up or give instructions for the plant care.

7. Note that plants such as succulents, cactus, air plants, snake plant and aloe vera need less maintenance and TLC.


A selection of elegant orchid plants and exquisite
succulents styled on our stunning vases and planters.

Having plants around make us feel good. Plants can make our space look
aesthetically appealing. Not only that, it has surprising health benefits that can help
improve our mental health, reduce stress and anxiety.
Next time you are traveling or planning for a long weekend, you know better how
to take care of your precious plants while you are away.

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