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Best Graduation Flower Types

Graduation is one of the important milestones of each and everyone’s life. Do you know someone who will graduate from elementary, high school, college, or any graduate program? Having earned their degree takes hard work, and their graduation day will be a memory they will never forget. Flowers are the perfect way to let someone know you’re proud of their achievements. Find out why flowers make the best gifts for graduates and which types of flowers make the best graduation celebration flowers.

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Are Flowers a Good Gift for Graduation Celebrations?

Having a diploma in hand represents years of hard work and dedication. To let a graduate know you are proud of their accomplishment, you can never go wrong with flowers as the ideal gift. It is extremely important to choose the right type of flowers. Flowers come in a wide variety of types – and even colors – that have unique meanings. This guide will walk you through choosing the excellent flower.

Graduation Flowers: When Should I Give Them?

It takes some time and a lot of thinking in choosing the right type and color of flowers, however, it’s always a great time to give such gifts. If you are planning to give a bouquet, you may present it after the graduation ceremony is over so the graduate will be able to hold it while taking pictures. If boutonniere or corsage is what you plan to give then make sure to present before the ceremony begins so that they can wear it when they receive their diploma. If you cannot attend the ceremony physically, you may send them a graduation flower bouquet before the ceremony. Darcey Flowers offers and guarantees that the receiver can have it on time.

The Best Graduation Flowers You Can Give

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Embrace the graduate’s accomplishments with a gift of peonies today. Pink peonies indicate honor and luck. As a symbol of success, new beginnings, and good fortune, yellow peonies are ideals. These delicate and mesmerizing blooms can be grouped with other flowers and will truly make an excellent graduation gift.


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Graduates will be pleased with the variety of colors available for Tulip flowers. In Feng Shui, Red tulips are believed to attract love and wealth. Yellow tulips convey happiness, optimistic vibes, joy, and prosperity, a perfect flower indeed for the graduate.


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You can never go wrong with Roses! Surprise your dearest loved one who is a graduate with pink roses to celebrate the joy of graduation day. If you desire them to have a bright future then orange roses are a perfect fit for them! White roses symbolize a new beginning as well so make sure to put this on your list to express your regards.



Carnation is also a long-lasting flower that comes in lots of colors! A suggestion is to match Carnation with their graduation party theme or school colors. If you’re a parent and you wish your child happy graduation, you may consider adding timeless pink carnations as these symbolize undying and fathomless love.

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Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies represent transition, growth, and rebirth which is a perfect type of flower to be given on graduation. Just like other flowers, there are different colors that signify different meanings as well. All Calla Lilies are the right choice for the graduates. Eye-catching Yellow Calla Lilies define happiness, and gratitude; white represents purity and beauty; Red Lilies are associated with love and courage. 

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Amaryllis is also known as Christmas Flower however this flower is also one of the best flower gifts to be received by graduates. Radiant Purple Amaryllis is associated with congratulating someone on their accomplishments. Red Amaryllis is linked to admiration and strength and confidence.

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One of the most beautiful blooms indeed! Deep understanding and learning are represented by brilliant Purple Hydrangeas, a perfect flower graduation gift to acknowledge and recognize their sacrifices as a result of earning a diploma. Blue Hydrangeas are visually appealing and sophisticated which signifies gratitude as well. Beautiful hues of white stand for renewal, gratitude, and sincerity. What do you think is the perfect shade of color for the graduate that you know?



The cheerful and enchanting form of a Chrysanthemum says it all! Sending your special someone with this type of flower means you wish them happiness and success in the next chapter of their lives. In China, this flower is associated with rebirth and luck. Exquisite Yellow Chrysanthemums are also suitable for a graduation gift because they symbolize extreme feelings of happiness that explode a positive aura, just like dreamy Orange Chrysanthemums as well. 

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