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8 Powerful Emirati Women and their Influence on Sustainable Development

In the UAE, Gender equality and Woman’s empowerment lies at the heart of Its success as a nation. It’s a national strategy and the central pillar of its foreign policy. The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan once said.

“Nothing could delight me more than to see the woman taking up
her distinctive position in society. Nothing should hinder her

We at Darcey Flowers, too believe that inclusivity is crucial and is what makes The Emirates what it is today. The Paramount importance of equality and the belief the founding fathers had since its inception 50 years ago, is the foundation of a more sustainable economic model and a more stable political order.

Interestingly, this year’s theme in celebrating Emirati woman’s day is “Inspiring Reality.. Sustainable Future”, which was announced back in April by Her Highness Sheika Fatima Bint Mubarak the wife of the late Sheik Zayed bin Al Nahyan, which has us inspired to appreciate these 8 incredible, inspiring, powerhouse woman and their contribution to sustainable developments not just in the UAE, but in the world.

1. Director General – Smart Dubai

13 Aisha min
Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr

Number one on our list for a reason, Dr. Aisha’s remarkable work comes from a humble belief that the source of her power comes from the will to make people happy. She is the first woman in the world to lead an entire city’s smart transformation by shaping the future digital landscape in Dubai, which most notably has a happiness-centric approach. Her efforts have seen an impact in humanizing digital transformation, from developing technologies to transforming human experiences. Her strength and resilience are recognized not just in the Arab world but globally, in addition, her significant contribution towards optimizing the use of resources is what has made Dubai a synergy between a smart city and a greener economy.

2. Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations 

Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh High Res scaled e1654886345118 1024x1024 1
Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh

UN data shows that 80 percent of people who are affected by climate-related threats such as deterioration of livelihoods, due to deforestation, food and water scarcity, loss of shelter, and displacement of population, are women. That being said, Emirati diplomat Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh has used her platform to highlight the importance of tailored climate action responses by taking into account the climate-risk analysis and the urgent gender-sensitive approach needed. Her central role in implementing the United Nations’ sustainable goals is monumental and her representation and fight for global issues expand to an international level.

3. Representative of the UAE to the International Renewable Energy Agency

Nawal al hosany
Dr. Nawal Al-Hosany

Dr. Nawal is a driving force for sustainability. Her consistency and integrity to implement significant efforts and adopting a series of policies and strategies supporting the transformation of energy and the implementation of a green economy are inspiring and impressive and steam from her lifetime vision to make sustainability a way of life in the UAE, her work has the country on the world stage as a leader and role model in renewable energy.

4. Director of Partnerships and Projects, Ministry of Climate Change and Environment

Shaima Sharif Abu Bakar Al Ayldarous

30 years young, Shaima Sharif is a martyr to the cause of overcoming climate change globally and making positive impacts for future generations to come. In an article in Harper Barzzar Arabia, she said it is a dream to one day hear the global conversation on how the world overcame such enormous environmental challenges and be able to be content with her contribution to it. Data shows that 50 percent of delegates at UN climate change negotiations are youth and the majority are women. Which is a strong signal to the world whose voices need to be heard and given influential platforms to help solve most of the crucial issues we will face. We believe, Shaima Sharif is a voice for her generation. Her groundbreaking work in green economy initiatives, most notably smart transportation and district cooling in an attempt to conserve water and electricity speaks volumes of her passion for real climate change solutions.

5. Minister of State for International Corporation | Managing Director for EXPO 2020

HE Reem Al Hashimy 1 scaled e1632344933691
Reem Al Hashimy

Number five on our list is a charismatic figure, who has an impressive career as an Emirati politician, philanthropist, chairwoman of the national committee on sustainable development goals, head of the vice president’s office for political affairs, and the powerhouse behind the EXPO 2020 exhibition. H.E Reem Al Hashimy smashed the stereotypes of Arab women on a global scale by not just leading but having other like-minded woman leaders at the helm of the world fair, her strategic vision embodies the emphasis of sustainability and made it the key theme of the entire event.

6. Managing Director of the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi & Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund| President of the International Union for conservation of nature

razan kalifa al mubarak 1
Razan Al Mubarak

Since establishing Emirates Nature, an NGO affiliated with the world wildlife fund back in 2001, H.E Razan Al Mubarak has gone on to get recognition from the World Economic Forum as a global leader for her contribution toward building a sustainable future for humankind. She is a proud Emirati Conservationist who has given a valuable contribution to solving a multidimensional problem as complex as biodiversity which has resulted in a very historic appointment to lead the international union for the conservation of nature in 2021. In her article ‘The importance and benefits of species‘ published in the science journal, current biology, she states the loss of biodiversity and how it impacts the known and unknown benefits species provide to our ecosystems. Further on, she reasons why species cannot only be evaluated on their economic value but on their ingrained advantages as living organisms. H.E. Al Mubarak’s work has had a lasting, positive impact on international efforts to address the world’s greatest environmental challenges.

7. Minister of State for Advanced Technology | President of The UAE Space Agency

0hx9qW9G Sarah Al Ameri
Sarah Bint Yousef Al Amiri

Also, Honored for her excellence as one of the 50 youngest scientists by the World Economic Forum, H.E Sarah Bint Yousef Al Amiri has been involving science and technology through research to shape current sustainable goals. Developing ecosystems and optimizing natural resources, she also leads the UAE mars mission and continues to support the long-term goals of space exploration. Number seven on our list of influential Emirati women H.E Al Amiri has made tremendous efforts to empower the adaption of the 4th industrial revolution technology and has been responsible for ensuring its overall contribution to the national economy and the sustainable development of the country.

8. Minister of Climate Change and Environment

Mariam Al Muhairi
Mariam Bint Mohammed Mheiri

Growing up H.E Mariam Bint Mohammed Mheiri inherited her father’s passion for the environment and instilled deep-rooted respect and regard for how food was grown and made by her mother who belonged to a German farming family. Prior to her current position, She was the first ever minister of state for food security in the UAE and the world. Her continuous drive to mitigate the impact of Climate Change by protecting the country’s ecosystem by developing and implementing effective measures, initiatives, and policies. H.E Mheiri strongly believes that Climate action is an opportunity to achieve sustainable growth. During a speech at the UN addressing woman’s role in the climate crisis, she said.

”Meaningful political participation of women has enabled the UAE to respond better to the needs of its citizens and residents”

Creating an enabling equal environment that empowers inclusivity has played a leading role in the nation’s development and continuous progress in sustainability. We at Darcey Flowers will forever be in admiration of these powerful and influential Emirati women and celebrate the road they have paved for future generations to come.

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