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Flowers that Represent Female Strength and Resilience

Flowers that Represent Female Strength and Resilience – In honour of International Women’s Day

For centuries the symbolic language of flowers has been widely recognized throughout the world. Derived from mythologies and folklore of the past as well as art and music of the present. Flowers have been articulating expressions, sentiments, and significance for hundreds of years through a multitude of cultures.

With International Women’s day approaching, we would like to shine a light on the beautiful blooms that represent the strength and resilience of women. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you come from there is an esteem admiration and understanding that women from all walks of life have the force and persistence to strive at life despite the many challenges they may face.

1. Gladiolus

Gladiolus 1

What represents strength better than a roman gladiator who fought fiercely for freedom? The stunning tall and strong gladiolus flower is derived from the Latin word gladius which means sword but is also the origin of the term for gladiator. Inspired by the sword shape of petals gladiolus symbolizes the strength of a person’s character, moral integrity, courage, and endurance.

2. Cistus


The Cistus flower is also known as the rock rose for the reason that it can thrive on dry and rocky ground. The flower is native to the Mediterranean making them resistant to heat and other dry conditions. The Cistus flower embodies strength and resilience and the potential to grow and flourish regardless of the environment.

3. Snap Dragon

Snapdragon 1

The snapdragon is a tall and vibrant flower that stands out despite its difficult growing conditions. Found mainly in the European and African regions it’s another bloom that blossoms despite its challenging surroundings. This unique quality makes it a great symbol of strength and admiration.

4. Allium


The Alium flower is native to the northern hemisphere and has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. It’s an edible flower that’s part of the onion family and has incredible culinary uses, but is commonly known for its medical properties. The flower is a symbol of strength and perseverance that in addition represents the ability to overcome adversity and difficulty.

5. Daffadil


Daffodils are associated with strength and resilience by virtue of their ability to survive and weather through winter storms and come out bright and cheerful in the spring. The bright yellow and white blossoms evoke positivity and hope.

6. White Carnations

White Carnation

Historically white carnations were used to honor the strength of mothers in Ancient Greece. It’s also an honor of virtue when a person is dedicated and unwilling to back down from their goal.

7. Mimosa


The official flower that symbolizes International Women’s day is the Mimosa, a deciduous plant native to Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East it has an intriguing history that dates back to March 8, 1946, when Italian feminists Teresa Mattei and Rita Montagna, presented branches of Mimosa to other women who were supporting gender equality and women’s rights. Teresa Mattei evidently said she choose the Mimosa flower as she believed it was an exceptional representation of Women’s strength, sensitivity, and sensibility. Regardless of their delicate demeanor, Mimosa can grow in various environments as they are sturdy and resilient plants.