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10 Fresh Ways to Add Spring Flowers to Your Home

Hello Spring! It’s the end of the Winter season! Spring is also called the king of all seasons. It awakens nature and gives new life to our mother Earth. What makes spring special is that many beautiful flowers bloom and trees are full of new leaves. For sure, bees are very busy buzzing during this time, flying from flower to flower. The chirping of the birds early in the morning is such a pleasing sound to hear. The wind creates a calming atmosphere and skies appear very clear like a painting on a canvas. What a beautiful environment, isn’t it?

Everyone loves going out and enjoying the sun in the early morning and the cold and satisfying breeze during nighttime. People plan to go on trips like picnics or going to the beach to enjoy nature because the revivifying and beauty of the environment gives our mind, body, and soul a feeling of freshness and energy. 

Your home can have the spring feels too! These inspiring floral arrangement ideas or DIYS might help you to achieve a refreshing aura all day long.

1. Mix and Matching other flowers with Peonies

Mix and Matching other flowers with Peonies

Peonies are abundant, especially during the spring season. They also symbolize restoration which matches the beautiful season too. Surely, you will madly fall in love more if you add some bright red roses and add ons with any yellow flowers as an accent.

2. Using Dried flowers

Dried flowers

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Spice up your home with a bunch of dried lavender placed on windows or doors for a burst of color and fragrance. It’s even better if you hang a bunch of fresh lavender in a central location and let it dry.

3. Use a Vintage Tea Pot

Vintage Tea Po

When looking for inspiration on Pinterest, Teapots are mostly the “go-to” when used as a design in the house. It is perfect for small arrangements but for larger ones, make sure to choose a teapot that is larger than usual.

4. Arrange Flowers in an Asymmetrical way

Asymmetrical way

Rather than sticking with an integrated arrangement, split your bouquet in half and feature two flowers prominently, such as this asymmetrical arrangement of tulips and mimosa.

5. Use a Chromatic Container


Consider using a metallic vase to create a glam look. Your arrangement will be more deluxe and elegant and brings out the best aura of the flowers that are used.

6. Umbrella Wreath


Photo from: : https://www.abluenest.com

Add a splash of color to your door with this easy project. When it’s too cold outside, attach the wreath to a wreath holder on the inside of your door. Place a bouquet of fresh spring flowers in a floral sponge dampened with water, then cover it with an umbrella. Make sure to secure the arrangement with a ribbon.

7. Floral chandelier

floral chandilier

Photo from: :  https://chicvintagebrides.com

Keep the flowers fresh by attaching water tubes and caps to the stems. To complete this DIY, we used a bulb box with a mesh grid. Simply insert the stems upside down through the bottom. Choose flowers that are pleasing to the eyes and add fragrance as well. The stems should be positioned at varying heights. A fishing line, wire, or rope may be used to hang the box from the ceiling.

8. A Group of Charming Bud Vases

Bud Vases
Bud Vases

One beautiful centerpiece can be complemented just as well by a cluster of elegant containers. Make a selection of three or five simple vases featuring varying heights and shapes. Place 1-3 stems into each vase, and fill with water. They can be displayed along a windowsill or accented on a bedside table.

9. Farm- like Fresh Arrangement

flowers basket

You can enhance your decor with a basket filled with florals if you want a farmhouse look. Fresh flowers should be placed in a glass jar filled with water before being arranged in the basket. Choose any flowers that will go great together in one arrangement.

10. Using a Birdcage


Photo from: : https://i.pinimg.com/

You can repurpose old bird cages that you can get from markets or vintage shops to hold your floral arrangements. Place an empty jam jar with water inside the cage and fill it with colorful florals. We recommend adding tulips, peonies, or any flower of choice. Then this arrangement can be placed like hang from the ceiling with a rope

Remember that these arrangements can be placed anywhere in your home, on a dining table, living room, doorways, and even in bedrooms as well. Have you chosen what arrangements you will be doing? To fully enjoy spring, we should decorate our homes as well to fill our hearts with intense joy and excitement.

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