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Why does Orchid Plant is good for you these days?

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about many negative impacts on the physical and mental health of people. In fact, studies showed that there is an increase in cases of depression and even suicide.

As such psychological related webinars are offered to cope with and relieve the anxiety felt by people. Among the tips brought in by these webinars are a few coping mechanisms to divert the attention from the surge of the coronavirus disease and its negative socio-economic impact unto positive things like leisure and hobbies.

About leisure and hobbies, one that rose to fame in Dubai and even all over UAE is the inclination of people to nurturing indoor plants. Many are hooked into buying plants online specifically Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants.

Why does Orchid Plant is good for you these days?

Speaking of orchid flowers, do you know that studies around the globe have proven that growing orchids, taking care, or even seeing and having them around is good for mental health?
Here are why:

  1. It helps fight and relieve stress
    Stress is very common nowadays due to different reasons may it be work, personal related or the present pandemic. The presence of orchid plants helps relieve stress as it aids maintain peace of mind and relaxation.
  2. It counters depression and loneliness
    Nurturing orchid plants diverts one attention from overthinking. Giving care to orchid plants is a rewarding feeling when you see them flourish.
  3. It enhances mood and brings positive energy
    Seeing orchid flowers such as the lovely blooms of Phalaenopsis provides a good feeling and happy thoughts.
  4. It has a healing effect
    Orchid flowers are best known to its healing effect. Those who receive orchids are healed because of their beauty and fragrance. It is used by many to maintain positivity and a good outlook in life.


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