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Why Customers Love Darcey Flowers?

Why Customers Love Darcey Flowers?

There are hundreds of flower shops and boutiques operating in Dubai and across all parts of United Arab Emirates. We are in the industry where rivalry among other flower online delivery shops is very competitive. You can find a flower shop in most popular shopping malls, financial districts and residential communities here in the UAE. To be able to thrive and stood
out among others is already a feat.

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The beauty of Roses symbolize love and romance.
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With more than 3 years in the industry, we might be considered still as a young emerging flower boutique in the Emirates but suffice to say, already making a name in every local households. Client satisfaction is very important for us at Darcey Flowers. We aim to deliver quality products and a world class customer service to give every customer a memorable and exceptional experience. Here at Darcey, going an extra mile to make our clients happy is instilled in our minds and hearts.

We always make sure that customer’s happiness and satisfaction is the number one priority. Our customer service team always go above and beyond the call of duty to fulfill client’s wishes, offer choices and provide solutions effectively. Our dedicated customer service team is always quick and dependable.

Our florists are skilled and competent with over 20 years in the field of floristry. They are well-trained to handle every client in a friendly and welcoming manner.

Darcey Flowers takes pride in providing customers all the finest and premium flowers. Our flowers are directly imported from the largest farms abroad such as The Netherlands, South America, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Taiwan. Our flower display is teeming with options of flower variety which you can’t find elsewhere.


• Innovative Flower Designs and Compositions

Our designs speak of luxury and elegance. We love creating flower arrangements that are flourishing and striking. Our team constantly innovates and showcases new products to give our audience more options.

• Reliable Flower Delivery Service

Darcey Flowers is acclaimed in providing the best flower delivery, always
prompt and professional. A reliable and trusted team when it comes to sameday flower delivery. Our logistics team are well-equipped and trained to ensure the smoothness of each delivery.

• User Friendly Website

The website is easy to navigate, fast and offers secured payment methods.

• Providing Value to Customers

Our loyalty program through rewards and point system is a testament of how
we appreciate and value our customers. Additionally, we love to hear from
our customers hence asking for their feedback and reviews are important to

Darcey Flowers is committed to deliver an elevating customer experience ensuring excellence and consistency. Our team feel proud of embracing the company’s core values; family oriented, integrity, growth, passion, innovation and excellence and inculcating in every aspect in the organization.

How we treat and care for our customers are significant reasons why they keep coming back.

Have you placed an order with Darcey Flowers? How’s your recent experience?

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