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Wedding Anniversary Flowers by Years of Marriage

Celebrating wedding anniversary is a big achievement and considered as a milestone in a marriage. Each year has a special symbolism linked with it. It could be a certain color to identify the years you are together or a specific flower representing the number of years of the marriage.

We all know that celebrating an anniversary will not be complete without a sweet gesture from the couples. There are many anniversary gift ideas available in the market but nothing beats gifting fresh anniversary flowers for your significant other. Traditional style can still go a long way.

Choosing the best wedding anniversary flowers can be a tedious one. With the help of your favorite florist in Dubai, we’ll make it easier for you. Did you know a particular year of being together has a corresponding flower symbolism? To give the perfect gift to your love or consider purchasing through online flower delivery to a friend who’s celebrating, it’s best to know each year’s corresponding flower.


The first year of marriage is full of bliss and excitement. Carnations are the traditional first wedding anniversary flowers. These flowers represent sweet, passionate and youthful love. They are popular in colors of pink, red, yellow and purple. Each color is linked with different meanings and symbolism.


2 years anniversary flowers - cosmos

Cosmos represent the 2nd anniversary as they are frequently associated with order and harmony. The flower also signifies powerful love as couples cultivate a real and deeper understanding of each other.


3 years anniversary flowers - sunflower

By the third year of marriage, the couple is likely to get comfortable with each other. The robust and radiant blooms of sunflowers convey the strong foundation built in a marriage.


4 years anniversary flowers - hydrangea

Hydrangeas are the best way to symbolize the 4th year of being together as husband and wife. There are numerous meanings behind each color of hydrangeas. It is a symbol of gratefulness, pride and appreciation. The large flower head of hydrangeas make it a favorite anniversary flower gift.


5 years anniversary flowers - daisy

When you are planning to send a flower gift on your fifth wedding anniversary, daisies are the perfect flowers to pick. Daisies are such a dainty flower yet carry a lot of symbolisms. Two of the popular meanings are infidelity and forever love.


6 years anniversary flowers - calla lily

For the 6th wedding anniversary, calla lily is customarily the flower linked. This flower particularly in white colors also popular in bridal bouquets as it means love.


10 years anniversary flowers - daffodils

Decade of marriage is a feat worth celebrating in a special way. What better way to symbolize is the playfulness of a daffodil flower. The bright and vibrant blooms of daffodil make a perfect bunch of bouquet.


11 years anniversary flowers - tulip

The prettiness of tulips stands for declaration of love. The elegance and classy look of tulips make it one of the most romantic flowers of all time.


12 years anniversary flowers - peony

There’s a reason why peonies are a favorite flower of many. You will fall in love instantly with its lush and intricate blooms. Peony is the 12th wedding anniversary flower. Generally, peonies stand for love, honor, romance, and beauty. Celebrate your anniversary in style with some gorgeous peony bouquets.


15 years anniversary flowers - roses

Roses have long been linked with love, romance, and passion. Rose in red color is a universal symbol of love across many cultures but can also extend way beyond that. Each color means different from one another.


20 years anniversary flowers - aster

Asters are lovely delicate flowers representing 20th wedding anniversary. This flower has been named after the Greek word for Star, as its bloom has a close similarity with a star. White asters convey innocence while pinks mean love and sensitivity. Aster signifies patience, echoing the years of being together as a married couple.


25 years anniversary flowers - iris

Celebrate a monumental quarter of a century marriage with the beautiful iris flowers. This flower represents hope, devotion and faith which resonates with the long years of togetherness.


30 years anniversary flowers - lily

A wish of huge congratulations is just worthy after being together for 30 years. What perfect flowers to celebrate it with? No other than the sweet scented and alluring lilies. Each color and variety of lily holds a different connotation. In marriage, it depicts the devotion for reaching a milestone of years.


40 years anniversary flowers - gladiolus

The splendid status of 40 years of marriage is best represented with a gladiolus flower. Similar with other popular flowers, every color of gladiolus can also mean differently with one another. A gladiolus can mean honesty, faithfulness and a symbol of integrity.


50 years anniversary flowers - yellow roses and violets

The golden wedding anniversary deserves an applause and a celebration like no other. Achieving this feat is such a tremendous milestone. This stage of marriage is well represented with not just one but two flowers; yellow roses and violets. These two flowers complement well and look beautiful together. It only confirmed the years of the couple who grow old and complement each other.

Now that you have an idea of which flower symbolizes each year of marriage, it is just right to prepare for that special day. Looking for more inspirations? Take a look at our stunning collection of anniversary flowers. Go one step further and celebrate in style with our luxury flowers. Order online for the same-day flower delivery.

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