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Valentines day gift guide

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2023

It’s the time of the year again when we get to share long-lasting love with our significant other by spreading joy and happiness with a gift from the heart! Whether your relationship is brand new or in the golden years it’s always a delightful and gratifying feeling to make your loved one feel special.

This year the team Darcey Flowers has curated Valentine’s day gift guide for 2023 to help you celebrate the ones you love, inspired by everyday joys in your life.

1. Candles

If you want to leave a memorable presence, Wallace and co’s luxury scented candles are sure to create an elegant vibe for a romantic night in. The candle range has notes of juniper berry, cardamon, wild cedar, patchouli, kaffir lime, and mandarine to name a few. You can shop the full candle collection on our website.

2. Flower vase

Surprise your partner with one of our resplendent floral arrangements, they are certain to be dazzled by these beauties. Curated by our eccentric and innovative florists and inspired by Pantone color of the year ‘Viva magenta’. Flowers have been an requisite part of Valentine’s day since its origin. Browse the rest of our valentine’s day collection here.

3. Chocolate

According to statistics, 80% of adults in the world enjoy indulging in chocolates. It’s hard to go wrong with them on valentine’s day. But most significantly Mirzam chocolates! They stand out from the rest notably due to their take on Emirati flavors and spices such as cardamon, almonds, and pistachios. Sourced locally from bean to bar they take inspiration from a historic spice route that ran from the west coast of Japan across the Middle East to Europe.

4. Diffuser

Rejuvenate your mind and body this Valentine’s day with Wallace and Co reed diffusers, by emitting essential oils into the air with subtle citrus notes of lemon and sage, English rose, and pink pepper amongst others. The simple pleasures in life your significant other would undoubtedly appreciate.

5. Flower Bouquet

Nothing can beat the classic declaration of love: the quintessential bouquet of flowers that dates back to the 19th century when Victorians used floral bouquets to convey a message to a love interest. This tradition is carried out to the present day and lucky for you Darcey Flowers has an array of stunning arrangements for the season of love to scroll through.

6. Room sprays

What would go hand in hand and as a thoughtful gift on Valentine’s day is our flower arrangements along with a luxury room spray. An effortless joy to refresh your space with Wallace and co luxury range of scents.

Showering your partner with love and joy can truly make their day this valentine’s day. Since the season of love is just around the corner we would recommend getting started with planning the special day with your love.