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Valentine’s Day Flowers Do’s and Don’ts

When the month of February arrives, there’s one celebration that typically comes to mind. Do you know what is it? Of course, you know what I’m referring to here! Everyone is ecstatic because it’s the month of love. You will feel that “love is in the air” almost everywhere during this time. Oh yes! That’s literally because love songs are playing here and now in your favorite radio stations. We are speaking about Valentine’s Day which precisely falls every 14th of February.

It goes without saying that most of you will prepare and do their very best to make your significant other swoon all over again on Valentine’s Day. As one is eagerly anticipating the day, you are as anxious thinking about how to plan and put together your big surprise for your dearest love to give them the perfect celebration they truly deserve on Valentine’s Day. First thing that you will remember to give your honey is a bouquet of fresh flowers. A flower delivery on Valentine’s Day is considered a traditional way of celebrating however it’s always the thought that counts and how you present your flower gift. Don’t you agree?


One thing for sure, you'll never go wrong choosing rose to surprise your loved one on a special day or even just on an ordinary day.

As you get ready for the planning stage, you might encounter some questions on how to do it right. Picking the perfect flowers is a little bit tricky but don’t fret, we’re here to help you out. We are giving some tips on the do’s and don’ts of gifting flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Here are the Do’s:

1. Book your Valentine’s Day Flowers in advance

f you are serious about sending a flower delivery on the day, we advise you to order as early as you possibly can. Wanna know why? Well dear, it’s Valentine’s Day, this is one of the busiest days in any flower shops and even online deliveries, so just to save you from trouble of not getting a delivery slot, order your flowers in advance and have it confirmed delivery schedule on February 14. Don’t wait until the last minute to place the order. Always think on the safer side!

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2. Be friendly with the florist

Yes you heard it right. Being friendly and patient with the florist or floral designer will really go a long way. Remember, they will make or break your flower delivery surprise. In order for them to take care of your flower arrangement, try to be as nice as you can. During this time, they are a little bit stressed because of the bulk of inquiries and orders they are receiving.

include a thoughtful message to your flower delivery

3. Include a thoughtful message to your flower delivery

A lovely flower arrangement will for sure be greatly appreciated. Adding sweet nothings or a well-thought message to go with your Valentine’s flowers is even better. How sweet it is to let your darling know what’s in your heart? It’s a perfect occasion to pour your feelings into writing. Take a moment to compose a message that would touch your love’s hearts.

These are the things you shouldn’t do: 

1. Don’t send random flowers

It’s really important to plan in advance what flowers you want to get for your Valentine. Don’t just pick a random flower just for the sake you will have something to give on the said day. Getting your flowers in nearby local grocery stores is practical yet not considered as very personal. Give a personal touch to your Valentine’s flowers by knowing your sweetheart’s favorite blooms and incorporate them into your bouquet.

2. Don’t send wilted flowers

The last thing you want to happen is getting your flowers thrown away upon receipt on Valentine’s Day. Of course this is supposed to be a romantic day for you and your honey. Never ever send almost dying flowers as this will ruin the surprise! Hence, avoid the rush and don’t buy at the last hour when you don’t have the best options!

3. Don’t forget to give details and instructions

Having specific instructions to go with your flower order? Remember to highlight it to your trusted flower shop. Don’t forget to add notes when placing the order. Should you wish to give a time-frame for your bouquet delivery then let your florist know about it. Do you want your flowers to be sent anonymously? Make sure it’s well taken note of!
Valentine’s Day is one of those special occasions mostly looked forward to by almost everyone. Making your dearest ones feel special on the said day is something everybody is aiming for. What more sweeter than letting your significant other know how loved and important they are in your life?

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