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Many Reasons to Love Dried Flowers

Many Reasons to Love Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are so trendy nowadays that you can notice almost everywhere. Find it
displayed in your favorite café, retail store display windows, hotel lobbies and a trend in social
media feed. It is also a favorite element to use in wedding flower designs and styling when
you want to go boho chic and even vintage vibe theme.

Reasons to Love Dried Flowers

Before we dig dipper into the more beneficial reasons why many loves dried flowers, let’s try to know first essentially what are dried flowers.

Dried flowers are a form of flower preservation in which a flower’s shape and beauty is preserved for the reason of making it stay longer for decorative purposes.

What makes dried flowers well-loved and in the popular scene right now? Here are some of the popular reasons why everyone’s into it.

dried flowers

1. Easy to Maintain – Dried Flowers are a low maintenance type of flowers. Unlike its fresh counterpart, dried flowers don’t need any watering or flower food saving you from some hassle especially if you are the type of person who is always on the go with busy schedule.

2. Long Lasting – Possibly the best reason why more and more people are opting for dried flowers. The reason it stays longer makes you less to worry to replace it the sooner time.

3. Sustainable – Dried flowers are good for environment because of their sustainable characteristic. Most dried flowers can last longer and be kept for years and there’s a great possibility of being utilized again.

4. Money Saver – Buying dried flowers rather than opting for fresh flowers can help you spend less money. Fresh flowers typically lasts 5 days to a week while dried flowers tend to stay longer preventing you from replacing what you have on displayed.

Here at Darcey Flowers, we love to work with something trendy at the same time sustainable. Our collection includes carefully selected flowers dried in a natural way. Dried flowers are perfect adornment to give a playful touch to any space. We’d love you to explore these stunning pieces great for home display and even for your next flower gift ideas.

Inspired by the hues of the Arabian desert. You will love this long-lasting
beauty of dried cotton stick, preserved ruscus, dried palm spear and some pampas.

Go with this stylish dried arrangement if you fancy something rustic. A lovey
combination of dried bougainvillea with touch of dried lavender.

A combination of preserved natural blooms will
surely leave a lasting impression. You will love our take of shades of purple and
nudes color combination.

These beautiful rustic dried blooms arrangement will surely give an accent to any space.

This long lasting composition is perfect for those who are into peaches and
fuchsia pinks.

A colorful bunch of multi-colored pampas on a lovely vase looks playful and
cute. Make this your new fave piece at home!

Our take of cotton sticks arrangement on a wind light vase. Simple yet a
beauty that lasts.

The perfect treat for the dried blooms lover. A combination of cotton sticks,
preserved Ruscus leaves, and dried Lagurus on a striking beige and gold ceramic pot.

A magical yet classy flower combination beautifully arranged on our wind light vase. It’s a perfect gift to have for birthdays, anniversary and any special occasion you can think of.

A stunning bouquet of cotton sticks with some Eucalyptus Cinerea, this magnificent arrangement is truly a unique and beautiful gift. Surprise you dried flower enthusiast friend by sending this for delivery.

Dried Flower

Dried flowers are perfect adornment to give a playful touch to any space.

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