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Flower Color Meanings and Symbolism

Did you know that every flower color has a different meaning that can convey a message and certain emotion? Flowers have long been a part of the most significant celebrations in our lives. They are associated with every occasion one can think of: weddings, graduations, birthdays and even sending a sympathy.

When you decide to send a bouquet or a flower arrangement, you might want to consider which color to give to send the right message and communicate the appropriate mood. Finding the right color of flower can save you from any uncomfortable situation.



Probably one of the most admired colors for flowers. Red flowers convey a strong message of romantic love. It can also symbolize desire and passion. They are best flowers to send when you wanted to win someone’s heart. Undoubtedly one of the main reasons why red flowers are the popular blooms during Valentine’s Day. The most well-known red flowers are: Rose, Tulips, Anemones.

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White flowers are neutral tones that give an accent to any color. They are classy and very versatile. White flowers signify purity and innocence. Adding white flowers to any space or sending it to someone can instantly give a tranquil feel. White flowers are also very well-liked as wedding flowers and a favorite choice for bridal bouquets. Some popular white flowers are: Orchids, Tulips, Hydrangeas, Calla Lily, Peonies, Ranunculus.

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There’s something about the shades of pink that make it a favorite among many. Pink flowers represent grace and femininity. Just like red flowers, pink flowers are also associated with love. There’s always some sweetness and daintiness about pink blooms. The most common pink flowers are: Peonies, Roses, Carnations, Dahlias.

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Bold and bright like the sun, yellow flowers instantly brighten up one’s mood. It brings optimism, happiness and new beginnings. Yellow flowers also signify compassion and friendship. A delightful choice to say thank you or get thoughtful. Top picks for yellow flowers are: sunflowers and tulips.

yellow flowers


Signifying serenity and peace, choosing blue flowers give a calming and tranquil effect. Blue flowers set-up a positive and relaxing mood. Go for blue hues when you want to go for a reflective day. You may find this color in the following blooms: hydrangeas and delphiniums.

blue flowers


This type of flower color symbolizes opulence and royalty. The deep and vivid shades of purple make the flower look enchanting and give an air of mystery. Popular purple flowers include hyacinth, delphiniums, vanda and Phalaenopsis orchids.

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Orange flowers convey enthusiasm and energy. This vibrant color speaks of warmth and excitement. You might want to incorporate this flower color in the next occasion or event you’ll have. Some orange flowers that you may identify are amaryllis, Phalaenopsis orchids, roses.

orange flowers

Whether you are planning to communicate a message of romantic or a platonic kind of love or any other feelings, make sure to send flowers that speak from the heart. Imprint a remarkable memory through flowers.