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Festive Flowers and Plants For The Season

Winter in UAE is one of the most look forward seasons of many. It’s the time of the year when you can enjoy the outdoors and do countless activities. Many events are taking place during this season to take advantage of the pleasant weather. This period is also tantamount to holidays and celebrations. When you think of celebrations, you tend to identify it with a particular thing. For us, we love to link it with flowers.

Flowers can give color and life and even set the mood for any celebration. One of the most anticipated celebrations this winter season is Christmas. Since Christmas is just around the corner, we list down our favorite flowers perfect for gift delivery or as decorations for the holiday season.

ilex berry

1. Ilex Berry

Ilex Berry is popularly known as Winterberry. A favorite Christmas ornament of many. It brightens the space and provides a festive mood instantly.


2. Poinsettia

Poinsettias are synonymous to Christmas. They are classic Christmas plant adornments that instantly bring a holiday mood. The popular colors of poinsettias are red, white, and pink.

festive flower amaryllis

3. Amaryllis

The gorgeous big blooms of amaryllis make it a favorite flower for Christmas. The well-liked vibrant red amaryllis is commonly used as a decoration at homes and can be an ideal gift for Christmas.

christmas noble fir

4. Noble Fir

When you think of Christmas, a Christmas tree pops up in your mind or the other way around. Noble Fir is one of the most well-loved to be used as Christmas tree decor because of its blue-green needles and its large size.

How about you? Which flowers would you associate best this season? Whatever it is, celebrate the season with cheer and carry the holiday spirit with some of the fresh flowers and stunning blooms you can get.

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