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Expressing Admiration on Emirati Women’s Day Through Flowers

Emirati women have made significant contributions to society, breaking barriers and excelling in various fields. From business and politics to arts and sciences, their achievements are an integral part of the United Arab Emirates’ progress. Commemorating these accomplishments every year on August 28th through Emirati Women’s Day is a meaningful gesture to honor the strength, resilience, and intelligence of Emirati women in the past and into the future. One elegant and timeless way to do this is through the language of flowers, where each bloom symbolizes a unique trait or characteristic that aligns with the essence of these remarkable women.

Orchids in brown vase

Orchids: Elegance and Sophistication

Orchids are synonymous with elegance and sophistication, making them an excellent choice to honor Emirati women’s accomplishments. Just like these intricate blooms, Emirati women possess grace and a refined demeanor in every aspect of their lives. Orchids come in various colors, with each hue conveying a different message. White orchids symbolize purity and beauty, while purple orchids represent admiration and respect.

Wonderful Peonies

Peonies: Prosperity and Honor

Peonies stand for prosperity, honor, and wealth. They are often associated with success and good fortune and can be used to celebrate the prosperity and honor that Emirati women have brought to their community and nation. The lush, full bloom of the Peony is a visual metaphor for abundance and fulfillment, mirroring the richness of Emirati women’s contributions. Whether in business, academia, arts, or public service, a beautiful Peony arrangement symbolizes a well-earned honor and the flourishing impact of their achievements.

Dazzling Sunflowers

Sunflowers: Empowerment and Ambition

Sunflowers, known for their vibrant colors and ability to turn towards the sun, represent empowerment and ambition. Emirati women have carved out remarkable paths in various fields, demonstrating ambition and a determination to reach new heights. Gifting sunflowers acknowledges their achievements and inspires them to continue shining brightly.

Purple Delphiniums

Delphiniums: Aspiration and Determination

Delphinium, with its striking appearance and bold colors, symbolizes reaching for one’s goals and the determination to achieve them. It can represent the aspirations, hard work, and boldness that characterize many Emirati women’s success stories. Adding the towering spires of Delphinium to your floral arrangement reflect the soaring ambitions, while the rich hues embody the vibrant energy and passion driving these goals. This flower resonates with those who aim high and are unafraid to pursue their dreams.

spray roses

Roses: Love and Appreciation

Roses are a classic expression of love and appreciation, making them a perfect choice to honor Emirati women’s achievements. These captivating flowers come in various colors, each signifying a different sentiment. Red roses symbolize deep love and respect, while yellow roses represent friendship and gratitude. Presenting a lovely arrangement of roses acknowledges the profound impact of Emirati women on society and shows appreciation for their contributions.

  • White roses represent innocence, purity, loyalty, and respect
  • Red roses symbolize love and romance
  • Pink roses represent gratitude and friendship
  • Orange roses stand for joy and happiness
Colorful Tulips

Tulips: Confidence and Success

Tulips, with their vibrant and bold presence, are an emblem of confidence and success. Emirati women have exhibited exceptional confidence and competence in their professional and personal lives. The tulip’s striking appearance reflects their accomplishments and celebrates the success they have achieved. With a wide range of colorful tulip arrangements to choose from, these vibrant beauties are guaranteed to delight.


A Blossoming Tribute to Emirati Women’s Achievements

As we commemorate the achievements of Emirati women, the language of flowers provides a beautiful and heartfelt way to express admiration, respect, and gratitude. Each bloom carries a unique significance that aligns with the traits exhibited by these exceptional women, making the gesture all the more meaningful. Whether presented individually or in a carefully crafted bouquet for our Emirati Women’s Day Collection, Darcey flowers serve as a timeless tribute to the strength, resilience, and brilliance of Emirati women, inspiring future generations to follow in their footsteps and make a lasting impact on society.

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