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common valentines day flower questions

Common Valentine’s Day Flower Questions

February 14, one of the most awaited special day where most people celebrate the gift of love. A day to express your gratitude and appreciation to your dearest loved one. She/He is there for you through thick and thin or the roller coaster times of your life. She/He becomes the light after you suffer from darkest days, the special person who is there for you to celebrate all the successes you have achieved and cheers you if you experience any failures. But this day also holds the bigger importance aside from celebrating with your other half. It is the day to show and express our unconditional love especially to our parents, we know and feel that we love them however, we tend to fail to express it to them.

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One thing for sure, you’ll never go wrong choosing rose to surprise your loved one on a special day or even just on an ordinary day.


This is the chance to let them feel the love you have for them. Give them extra special love and look back on all the big and small, or the seen and unseen sacrifices they have made for you that made you “you” today. Today is the day to make your siblings, friends, or relatives uniquely special as well. Spoil and show them through your efforts because they truly deserve it. Also, you should let someone that you don’t know or who is a stranger to you feel love.

If you see someone on the street, compliment them or greet them to have a great day because you never know, maybe that someone has problems and positive affirmations might help them. You may also approach him/her and give 1 rose or any kind of flower and surely this will make their day a delightful and fruitful one.

But for those who haven’t spent or genuinely enjoyed Valentine’s Day with someone, then probably you have a lot of questions in mind or some misconceptions that you might believe. Here are some FAQs (frequently asked questions) to help you with any concerns you may have:

are flowers a necessary gift


It is still up to you on what kind of presents you want to give to your special someone. But flowers will never get out of style. Flowers are always present on any occasion. You may send or give flowers that coordinate with your dearest someone’s favorite color or depending on what kind of personality he/she has. You may also buy gifts that he/she will appreciate and don’t forget to incorporate with gorgeous flowers. A surprise valentine’s flower delivery will truly brighten their day!


There are no rules regarding about how many flowers you should send. Most of the flower shops or websites have a couple of selections: maybe bouquets or vase-filled, and from these, you will pick based on your budget. Always put in mind to keep the expenses balanced. If you plan to have a romantic dinner with your valentine or buy some chocolates or other gifts, you must have spare money for that event too.

are red roses a must


Do you plan to give them red roses? Red roses are in the top most flowers for Valentine’s Day however, there are plenty of options to choose from like tulips, carnations, orchids, sunflowers, peonies, and etc. There are also other colors of roses like for example the pink ones. Roses with this color symbolize being delicate, gentleness, and happiness. Giving pink roses can be a way to make her feel how happy you are when he/she comes into your life.


Yes absolutely! Especially if you are eyeing for someone or you have feelings for that person and you don’t have the courage to approach and say what you feel about them. Here at Darcey Flowers, we can send your flowers to the receiver anonymously as long as you’ll let us know not to include your name.

Is it normal to give a guy flowers on Valentines Day


Of course! Flowers are universal and guys can receive flowers too, just like the feeling when they give flowers to the special woman in their life. Other people may strongly believe that flowers are only for women but don’t let their opinions affect yours. In today’s society there are no more exceptions or limitations when it comes to giving flowers to someone, female or male. Flowers are worthy of choice for expressing feelings because they carry out of ordinary warmth and emotion.

Did it ever cross your mind of sending flowers to your dearest darling? Well, here at Darcey Flowers, we got everything for you! Visit our Valentine’s Day Flower Collection and select which suits them well! All our blooms will never disappoint you and even the receiver too. We assure you the best and safe flower delivery. Remember to notify us when you wish to send the gorgeous flowers anonymously.

Have fun choosing flowers for your love!