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Month’s Special: Beauty of Hydrangeas

Known for its large flower head, hydrangeas have a charming way to catch an attention for flower enthusiasts. Hydrangeas are one of the most popular flowers that bloom beautifully during summer until fall. The extraordinary and voluminous blooms of hydrangeas attract many.

The large blooms characteristically come in a selection of colors, shapes and sizes. Perhaps hydrangeas have stunning colors any flower can get; it can be white, in shades o purple, pink hues, green, blue and even red.

royal benefit


The gorgeous blooms symbolize love, harmony and peace.
Discover the varieties and colors incorporated in our collections.

Here in Dubai, hydrangeas in different colors is a top pick especially as an adornment in homes, office or hotel lobbies. It can make any flower composition an appealing one because of its huge voluminous flower head.

This summer in the UAE, we have carefully selected the best hydrangea flower arrangements so you’ll have a wide array of options and revel the beauty of hydrangeas in different colors. Can’t wait to share our collection!

pink hydrangea blooms


This lovely large pink hydrangea presented in a beautiful light blue pot is perfect for your console tables or center tables. Love hydrangeas? You will get captivated instantly with this variety.

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white cloudy hydrangea


Do you prefer white hydrangeas? These fluffy white hydrangeas will remind you of the cotton clouds in the skies. It symbolizes grace and purity.

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hydrangea madness fuchsia


This large bunch of glowing fuchsia hydrangeas is a stunner. Bet this would be a sure-fire hit when sent as a surprise gift to your love!

deep purple hydrangea


If you’re looking for something grand and special, go for this! A dark shade of purple hydrangea is making an unforgettable bouquet.

royal benefit


Made for the purple lover. A large size alluring bouquet perfect to send to a dear someone. This shade of purple hydrangea is so lovely you don’t want to miss!

Searching for pastel flowers? This dainty light purple bouquet is a perfect match!

orion blue


A stunning flower bouquet showcasing the beauty of blue hydrangeas is a magnificent pick and truly a wonderful gift idea.

fluffy verena pink


An amazing bunch of pink verena hydrangeas perfect gift for birthdays, new born and anniversary. Pink hydrangea represents heartfelt emotion so it would make a perfect choice.

Hydrangeas can represent many different things. Few of its symbolisms are love, harmony and peace. Hence, the popularity of hydrangeas cannot be denied.

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