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Why indoor plants make the perfect gift

5 Reasons Why Indoor Plants Make the Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

The effort that goes into finding the perfect gift for a loved one, especially someone who almost has it all can be quite challenging. We at Darcey Flowers, are here to assure you that the ideal gift – no matter the occasion is indoor plants.

Why indoor plants make the perfect gifts

As humans, we possess an instinctive tendency to seek connection with other forms of life, from humans to animals and nature. This interdependence is deeply rooted in our biology. Our inherent fascination with having them indoors is simply a reminder of the world’s natural beauty. Indoor plants are basically the green gift that keeps on giving. And, here are 5 reasons why we think so :

1. Perfect to elevate any space

Plants are neutral decor pieces that can make any room feel calm and alive. No matter what the vibe or aesthetics is, an indoor plant can always add character to a space. That pop of green in any part of the house will always remind the receiver of you every time they pass by it.

2. Therapeutic benefits

House plants are not just beautiful to look at, scientific studies support that they can not only brighten up any room but any mood too. Plants are also known to increase a person’s creative process and boost productivity. But most importantly its healing properties help ease anxiety, and blood pressure, and lower heart rate.

3. It’s thoughtful and personal

Gifting a person a plant can say a lot to the person you are gifting it to, without any words needed. Gifting a loved one, a gift that would help their home feel extremely relaxing is as considering as it gets. The simplicity and steady growth of plant care encourage positive mindfulness. Plants are the absolute gift of tranquility.

4. It’s sustainable

What is more eco-friendly than a living breathing organism that selflessly gives to the world? Absorbing toxins and releasing oxygen around the clock, It’s basically gifting an aesthetically pleasing natural air purifier.

5. They can be low maintenance

The perfect gift wouldn’t be perfect if it isn’t also convenient for the receiver. Taking care of an indoor plant is honestly a piece of cake. A reminder on your phone each day to water it and the occasional direct and indirect sunlight is all you need to give to get all the above in return.

indoor plants are the perfect gift

Darcey flowers are pleased to re-introduce our latest indoor plant collection. To learn more about the perks of being around indoor plants, our previous article dives right into all the science-backed benefits.