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The benefits of having Indoor plants

The Benefits of Having Indoor Plants

As human beings, the relationship we have with the universe and other living organisms is immersed in our DNA. It’s one of the reasons being in touch with nature is soothing to the human mind. There really isn’t a place in a home where lush foliage can elevate and give character to a space. It could be transforming your home sanctuary into the crisp rain forests of the Amazon with flourishing emerald green Monstera or resembling the sweltering tropics of Asia, with a pop of lime green devil’s ivy cascading down your kitchen cabinets is just effortless beauty and can make any room come alive.

Benefits of having plants at home

The stunning detail of each plant and the grace that comes with growing an indoor oasis are just the physical attributes of having houseplants. In this article, we get into detail about the science-backed benefits of living with indoor plants. And how much they give to the universe apart from their alluring charm. Here is what research tells us:

1. Sparks Creativity

having plants at home

German researchers have found that the color green boost’s peoples creative output compared to most colors. The scientist behind the study suggests that the link between green and creativity boiled down to green being a signal of growth. Another interesting theory that some researchers believe has to do with our ancestors and how they survived in the wild. When being around plants and nature they sensed calm and worried less knowing where their next meal was coming from.

2. Sharpens Your Attention and Productivity

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According to research done in 2014 by the University of Exeter, people who work around plants have increased productivity by 15%. Having an indoor plant visually accessible to you alone can elevate your mood and as a result, help you work better. Individuals actively engaging with their surroundings, in general, are more attentive and aware, this improves memory retention and overall efficiency.

3. Improving Air Quality

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Indoor plants are considered to be natural air filters as they can purify the air by taking in chemicals. This was initially discovered by scientists at NASA In the early 1980s. But most recent research from the university of technology Sydney proved that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which not only eliminates harmful toxins but freshens up the air.

4. Brightening Moods and Improving Overall Well-Being

Benefits of having indoor plants

Being in the presence of house plants brings a sense of relaxation, lifts moods, and is known to reduce anxiety. This theory has been proved in a study conducted in 2007 where scientists discovered that plant soil contained a bacterium that helps trigger the release of serotonin. Creating a living space surrounded by foliage not only enhances your mind but caring for them gives us purpose when we witness the plants thrive which results in feeling a sense of reward which helps with an overall boost in wellbeing.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of having these stunning beauties around the house, explore our plant collection that comes in minimal but chic vases and pots, and see how you can re-invent your space and add more character to your home.