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10 Great Ideas for Eid Gifts this Year

10 Great Ideas for Eid Gifts this Year

With Eid – al – Fitr fast approaching, to mark the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world are searching for unique gifts! During this time, make sure to create fun memories together with your loved ones. Giving and receiving gifts are also important aspects of the celebration. Check out the list of Eid gifts below if you are having trouble coming up with something.


1. Toys and Books

Eid is a great time for children to be pampered with new books and toys to enjoy from. There are so many types of gifts available that it can be quite challenging to choose. Keep them occupied or engaged for a long time with something educational, fun, and entertaining. You can choose from brainpower items such as puzzles, playsets, board games, and blocks. 


2. Spending Time with Family

Time is an ideal Eid gift and it is more valuable than anything else. Eid al-Fitr is a great chance for people to get together with friends and families. The celebration lasts for three days, so you’ll have plenty of time with your loved ones. Plan fun activities you and your kids can do together. Make it a memorable celebration by throwing a special dinner, arranging games, decorating the house, and meeting distant relatives online.


3. Clothes and Accessories

The majority of people, especially the younger ones, are delighted to receive new clothing or jewelry during Eid. In addition to traditional clothes, you can also consider some of the trendier Eid clothing ideas. Necklaces, bracelets, handbags, and wallets are some of the great accessories that can be given as Eid gifts.

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4. Flowers

In addition to making nice Eid gifts for people close to your heart, freshly cut flower bouquets or vase-filled arrangements will make your home more welcoming for guests. Flowers like Peonies, Roses, Lilies, and Carnations are some of the good options. Peonies represent prosperity and good fortune. Roses are classic and one of the most adored flowers! You may also send a floral bouquet as a floral Eid gift for luck to your family and make them smile!


5. Perfumes

Who doesn’t love fragrance, right? To mark the special occasion, luxury scents will make a one-of-a-kind gift for Eid. This will be a perfect gift indeed for someone who lives items with a great smell.


6. Gift Vouchers or Money

You can’t go wrong with money as a last-minute Eid gift idea, since the person receiving it will be able to spend it on anything they wish to buy. The gift vouchers can also be used to purchase clothes for women, watches and belts for men, and toys for children


7. Sweets and Desserts

Eid holidays are of course celebrated with food. Everyone is allowed to not fast and people should enjoy it too. For such an important occasion, sweets and desserts are a classic gift idea. Despite the popularity of chocolate and candies, traditional snacks never go out of style. For Muslim or Gulf countries, the saying “seven dates a week keep the doctor away” is equivalent to “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.


8. Accessories for Home

Designer home accessories enhance the ambiance of every Muslim’s humble home. Cushions and throw pillows are one of the popular picks as of 2021. You can never go wrong also with ceramics with carvings, paintings, or any other wall decorations. Since it’s a Sunnah or practice for Muslims to be seated on the floor, rugs and carpets can be given to recipients as Eid gifts! Make sure to also consider the interior design of their home. Sisal carpets can bring positive vibrates with freshness placed to any room in a house.


9. Donation to Charity

Giving and being generous to the people in need is an important aspect of the Holy Month. This is the perfect time to donate to any charity, no matter how much you can. Ramadan and Eid are times when charitable activities are promoted by many organizations such as Muslim Aid, Helping Hand for Relief and Development, Islamic Relief, as well as Islamic centers and mosques. You may also send different Eid gifts or extend help to thousands of children and make them extremely happy on Eid.

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10. Islamic Gifts

For Eid gifts, some of the most popular items are customized Islamic calligraphy which can even be engraved on a plaque or can be written on a piece of paper then put inside a picture frame and displayed on the wall. Prayer mats and Islamic educational books are ideal Eid gifts too that encourage both spiritual and material aspects of the holiday.Muslims look forward to Eid and Ramadan throughout the year. Celebrating the completion of 40 days of fasting and religious activities is well deserved. Gifts are part of the occasions too! The following gift ideas are sure to make this year’s Eid al-Fitr more meaningful, fun, and memorable.