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Top tips for keeping sunflowers alive

Tips for Keeping Sunflowers Alive

Keeping sunflowers alive

If you’re looking to brighten the room instantly, there is no better way than with a bouquet of fresh sunflowers. The problem is many people have trouble keeping their sunflowers from wilting after they pick them up. What if we told you there was a way to keep your sunny arrangement of flowers alive for longer? It’s true! By following a few simple tips, you’ll be well on extending your sunflowers’ life.

Today we’ll look at everything you need to know about sunflowers and how to keep them alive.

Keeping sunflowers alive

Can sunflowers survive indoors? 

First things first, can sunflowers survive indoors? Absolutely! In fact, with proper care, freshly cut sunflowers should last up to two weeks. This starts with taking care of your flowers before you cut them. Sunflowers can grow very tall, between 6 to 10 feet tall, and require a lot of water to thrive and grow. 

Rise and shine

Be sure to pick your sunflowers in the morning. As the sun continues to shine, they can quickly dry out throughout the day. For best freshness, try to pick them up during the first few hours of dawn. Picking sunflowers before dawn allows them to soak up groundwater during the cooler night temperatures, which helps to keep them from wilting.

Mind your stems

Now when you are ready to cut your flowers, be mindful of how you cut the stems. When you cut your stems at an angle, there is more surface area to absorb water. Plus, when you cut your stems straight, you run the risk of the stem resting on the bottom of the vase. When this happens, your sunflowers won’t absorb water efficiently. An angled stem will keep your sunflowers happy and vibrant for longer.


Sunflowers love water! So be sure to put your freshly cut flowers in the water immediately. These beauties have long stems, so they must be kept in as much water as possible to keep them from wilting. Be sure to put them in the water right after you pick them so they will still be hydrated and fresh. It’s also essential to change their water every day. Even if you add flower preservatives, bacteria can still grow in stagnant water. Not to mention, old water can get smelly too. For best results, change the water in your vase every day.

Tips for keeping sunflowers alive

A quick summary of keeping these beauties alive

1. Water your sunflowers two hours prior to removing them from the garden bed.

2. Picking them during the first hours of dawn helps to absorb the previous night’s cooler water temperatures.

3. Cutting the stems of the flowers at an angle to increase the water supply.

4. Place your sunflowers in freshwater. For best results, change your water daily.

5. Keeping the leaves below the water line trimmed.

6. Avoid direct sunlight, heat, or cool drafts.

Keeping sunflowers alive tips and tricks

Where can I order fresh sunflowers?

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