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cheapest flowers in the world

The Cheapest Flowers in the World

Flowers have a huge impact on everyone’s life, especially because they are always present in most of the significant celebrations. Do you agree? Aren’t they amazing? They are one of the most beautiful creations that exist on this planet.
They come in varieties of sizes, colors, shapes, and fragrances that are great as a form of gift or as ornaments and in different places like hotels, houses, etc. Flowers add beauty to the environment and they also can make people feel delighted and joyful.

We have gathered some of the cheapest flowers that are available in charming flower shops around the world listed below:


This type of flower is mostly available in white colors that can be added to bouquets or vase-filled arrangements to increase the gorgeous overall outlook of the blooms. Plus, they are very easy to grow! How great is that? With just sunlight and essential adequate fertilization, they will fully bloom in no time! They also have a long shelf life.

daisy spray bouquets


Roses are considered to be one of the cheapest flowers and are available in most countries with different kinds of sizes and colors. They are commonly known by people. Thus, one of the points why roses are used in arrangements and are mostly the focal flower. 




Lilies are one of the most beloved bulbs that are truly stunning and are gorgeous to see! Once you’ve encountered these enchanting blooms, you will be captivated and never look at them the same way again. Fun fact, do you know that Greeks and Romans use Madonna Lily for medicinal purposes and decoration? In the religious aspect, Madonna Lily was related as a symbol of purity during the Middle Ages. Lilies are available in purple, white, pink, purple, yellow, and a mix of two colors as well.



Peruvian lily and Inca are the other terms for Alstroemeria and are native to South America specifically in countries namely Peru, Chile, and Brazil. They are present in a range of colors like yellow, orange, pink, purple, red, and white. Just like the other bloom mentioned above, this type of cheap flower is paired with other flowers like hydrangea to add taste to the main arrangement. Moist soil is the only necessary when taking care of Alstroemeria which when maintained produces a huge number of flowers.



Carnations are a representation of a mother’s love and mostly as a gift for every Mother’s Day celebration. Has it ever crossed your mind who used carnations for the first time? They are the Greeks and Romans and utilized them as garlands for a long time. Fun fact, the blooms last for a long time after they are cut. Since they are known as one of the cheapest flowers, they can be matched with premium flowers like Juliet Roses, Gerbera Daisies, and Gloriosa Lily to produce an extraordinary flower arrangement. They are also available in remarkable shades of colors like pink, red, white, green, purple, and yellow. 



The good thing about Baby’s Breath is that this kind and one of the cheapest flowers don’t require much maintenance. Take note that they only need to be watered once in 2 – 3 weeks and six hours of sunlight every day. They are very tiny in size and attractive in colors of white and pink pastel colors.

babys breath


There are many interesting facts about this type of flower too! They only require indirect sunlight and don’t need a requirement to water every single day. They are available in different colors like pink, lavender, burgundy, bronze, red, white, and the traditional yellow color. Chrysanthemum is also symbolized based on the colors and countries. In the United States, they represent as positive and joyful while in European countries, they are defined as death and usually part of funeral bouquets.



Gladiolus signifies remembrance and faithfulness. The name “Gladiolus” in Latin means “little sword” and it refers to the sword-shaped leaves of the plant. Did you know that “xiphium” was the name of the Gladiolus before? Xiphos was the Greek word for sword. It is the official birth flower for August and takes a huge part of the 40th wedding anniversary celebration. It can grow between two and six feet tall that captivates the hearts of people.


Cheapest flowers don’t mean they are less important. They are considered significant because they can add beautiful feels to the overall floral arrangements like stunning hand-wrapped bouquets and vase-filled bouquets. Some flowers are also great to send or give as a gift to someone close to your heart.

Plus, they can be budget-friendly but still let your dearest darling feel how much you truly care! Send some beautiful flowers today!


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