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Strong Flowers for Strong Mums

Throughout our childhood till up to this day, we are all confronted with the images of what is mostly known as Superheroes. Batman, Incredible Hulk, Superman, Spiderman, are some of them. Superheroes are defined as fictional characters that possess extraordinary powers. But do you agree that you already met your real-life superwoman? Well, they are the ones who wear an invisible cape – our mother. She may not have any time travel or fast-running superpowers but no doubt they can do incredible and out of ordinary things! She always makes sure to do her best for the betterment of her children. She gives unconditional love that only she can express. It is amazing, right? When you have someone loving you despite all your imperfections and she still manages to see the bright side of life even when it’s full of challenges.

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She is the toughest and strongest person in the entire world and she deserves to receive a captivating bouquet or vase-filled arrangement filled with the strongest flowers just like her. We have prepared some flowers that will surely brighten her day.




A tulip has many meanings, and each color has its significance. Purple, for instance, is associated with royalty, while red with love. Pink is often associated with affection, whereas white can represent cheerfulness or apologies. There are different kinds of tulips like a fringed, parrot, and many more that each brings uniqueness just like Mothers!



Want to know some fun facts? Gladioli was used during the Roman era for noble gladiators. The legend started between the war of Roman and Thracians. Thracian warriors were captivated by the Roman ruler and he ordered them to turn into gladiators. Their names were Sevt and Teres who became friends in the process. In order to make the public entertained, the Roman general ordered them to fight against each other and promised the winner can return to his homeland. However, the two captives thrust their sword into the ground and hugged each other, ready to accept their death. The audience was displeased by what happened. Following their execution, their swords stuck in the ground began to grow roots, blossoming into beautiful tall flowers as soon as the blood touched the ground. As a tribute to the noble gladiators, they were called gladioli. This flower has since been symbolic of nobility, loyalty, and friendship.




The classic never gets old right? Roses are one of the strongest flowers for the strongest person we know! You can instead select pink, which represents love, appreciation, and gratitude, instead of red, which is commonly associated with romance. Cream-colored roses are another good choice too! It represents being thoughtful and white roses as peace and purity.



You may send her a bouquet filled with asters! This will surely brighten her day especially if you surprise her early in the morning. If your grandmother represents you as your mother, then they will appreciate this type of charming flower too!



Gerberas come in different alluring shades of orange, pink, white, red, lavender, and yellow. They are unique in their own ways as each color symbolizes different meanings. Red Gerberas commonly represent being fully immersed in love; Pink defines adoration or admiration to someone. If your Mom is lively and always looks on the bright side, then the Yellow Gerberas is a perfect gift for her! Orange has been associated with warmth and enthusiasm; White is the representation of purity. Gerberas are really stunning blooms and surely your mother will be the happiest person if she will receive this type of flower! 



Undeniably one of the beautiful flowers, Carnation has always been an excellent gift for mothers too! The sweet-looking blooms of carnations are one of the reasons why most people love them. Preferably, Pink carnation is the perfect choice since it symbolizes a mother’s unconditional love and cares – unfathomable emotions between a mother and her children that make it so priceless!



Chrysanthemum is a superb choice for mothers because the name itself includes mum in it! This type of strong flower also means “golden f5gm lower”. An excellent gift indeed for a mom whose heart and intentions are as pure as gold! So, what are you waiting for? Choose the flower that she truly deserves!




Well, you can never go wrong with peonies! The simple and fragile feel of the blossom makes them more elegant. Peonies have a vintage appeal with modern femininity. These extreme fragrant blooms are perfect flowers for moms to warm their hearts!

Have you ever thought about what type of flower you give to your strong Mum? Choose a combination of colors and types for an extra special gift! You may also check our enchanting collections and you will surely be captivated by the beautiful blossoms!