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The Popular Phalaenopsis Orchid and Easy Care Tips

The Popular Phalaenopsis Orchid and Easy Care Tips

Phalaenopsis orchid is one of the most well-loved orchid plants in the planet. There are couple of things why they are big and popular for many. One of the many reasons includes how the exquisitely shaped blooms they produce capture your hearts instantly and not to mention they are also easy to tend and look after to.

Due to its easy going characteristic, phalaenopsis orchid plant is also known as the beginner orchid. Others would distinguish it as the moth orchid because of the shape of it blooms.

Many of us have an immense love for orchids, phalaenopsis orchid in particular. Bet just everyone else, we found ourselves smiling whenever we see a blooming phalaenopsis plant. There’s a spark of joy to see the lovely blooms and stunning colors of the phalaenopsis orchid. You will be amazed of the wide options of phalaenopsis varieties around the world. It is very interesting to know all the types and varieties especially if you love to have them around from taking care until seeing their blooming stage.


A selection of elegant orchid plants and exquisite succulents
styled on our stunning vases and planters.

Here’s a quick list why Phalaenopsis orchid is very popular:

• Easy to grow as an indoor/house plant
• Almost available all year round
• Long lasting characteristic
• Wide varieties to choose from
• Available in almost every color
• Beautiful shape of blooms in different sizes

Orchid Easy Care Tips

There’s no doubt these elegant orchids are lovely adornments to any space such as in your home living rooms or offices. They are perfect gifts to send to your dear ones on their birthdays or anyone celebrating some milestones in their lives like anniversary, promotions or you just want to send your sincerest thank you to someone. Yes! You will definitely agree that phalaenopsis orchid plant is a lovely present anyone would surely appreciate.

Don’t worry because we hear you! Darcey Flowers will make things easier for you. We gathered some of the best Phalaenopsis orchid variety to delight you and your love ones.

gold royalegold royale
1. Gold Royale
photo of two orange phalaenopsis on potphoto of two orange phalaenopsis on pot
2. Twilight
photo of yellow phalaenopsis on potphoto of yellow phalaenopsis on pot
3. Big Yellow
photo of white phalaenopsis on potphoto of white phalaenopsis on pot
4. Alluring White Phalaenopsis
magical minimagical mini
5. Magical Mini
photo of white mini phalaenopsis on vasephoto of white mini phalaenopsis on vase
6. White Butterfly
detailed photo of two phalaenopsis on vasedetailed photo of two phalaenopsis on vase
7. Twinning Violet
photo of purple mini phalaenopsis on gold vasephoto of purple mini phalaenopsis on gold vase
8. Mini Cinque Purple
magical purplemagical purple
9. Midnight Purple
photo of two white phalaenopsis on potphoto of two white phalaenopsis on pot
10. White Ripples

The regal beauty of fuchsia purple phalaenopsis on our grand gold pot will sure give a touch to any space.

Soft and glowing orange color of phalaenopsis so beautiful to look at.

Pick me up orchid arrangement. Stunning yellow phalaenopsis on a rustic pot

A classic white phalaenopsis orchid on a regal looking pot. Surely will look perfect
on your coffee tables.

Pretty mini phalaenopsis will make your day.

A pair of delightful white mini phalaenopsis that would jazz up a window sill at home.

The bold and vivid color of this phalaenopsis will sure captivate your hearts.

Enjoy the vivid beauty of purple mini phalaenopsis arranged on a grand gold vase.

The stunning and vivid color of this phalaenopsis will sure catch your eye

You can never go wrong with white phalaenopsis. Fall in love with this mini phalaenopsis, simple and classy.


How to Care for Phalaenopsis Orchids

• Place your orchid plant in a bright area but away from direct sunlight.
• Refrain from watering the plant frequently. Don’t over water. It is advised to water the plant at least once a week or when it almost dry out.
• Place in a more humid location.
• Make sure not to water the flowers and keep the leaves dry.
• Put fertilizer as per the given instruction.
• Trim the roots carefully if it starts to dry.
• Re-pot orchid every one year or if the roots start to outgrow the pot or some
parts starts to decompose.

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