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The Meaning Behind the Number of Roses in a Bouquet

The Meaning Behind the Number of Roses in a Bouquet

The act of giving flowers has been recognized for many years and a customary in almost all parts of the globe practiced from generations to generations. There is a certain language spoken when gifting someone with fresh flowers. Most people believe that flowers convey the deepest feelings and emotions one would want to express. Trust you’ll never go wrong when sending flowers as a gift in almost any special occasions and events.

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The beauty of Roses symbolize love and romance.
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One of the most well-known and best flowers to show your undying love for someone are the roses. When one needs to communicate what’s in their deepest hearts, roses are the go-to flower bouquet to send as a surprise or an unexpected flower delivery to your love. The classic beauty of rose never fails to amaze and gives a good impression to the one receiving it.

Cliché as it may sound, action speaks louder than words. The great way to tell someone that you love them is by showing them. Nothing says “I love you” better than a bouquet of fresh roses. Why? Simply because roses are known to symbolize love and romance. Popularly each color of rose denotes certain meanings but did you know there’s particular connotations tied to each number of roses in a bouquet?

We’ll help you figure out and decode the meaning behind every number of roses the next time you want to gift someone.

Single Rose

This is the simplest way to let someone know you love them. It means “Love at first sight.” Have you ever felt it the first time you laid eyes to someone you just met?

Three Roses

Probably the most popular number when sending roses. Giving three stems of roses is classic way to say “I love you”.

Six Roses

This number is mostly given if you are on the stage of dating and planning to take it to the next level and capturing her heart.

Nine Roses

If you want to spend a lifetime or forever to your romantic partner, then grab this bunch and express your eternal love.

12 Roses

Sending a dozen of roses is perfect when you want to ask to be yours or an ideal way to say: Please be mine.

24 Roses

Giving two dozen of roses can give a hint that you want to let them know: I’m yours and you’re always on my mind.”

For My Love

36 Roses

Send this number to show you don’t have any doubts of your feelings. Another way of saying: You are min and I am yours.

50 Roses

A mega bouquet of 50 roses can symbolize extra special such as an unconditional love. This number connotes how serious your intentions are to someone.

Forever Romance

100 Roses

A grand bouquet of 100 roses symbolizes devotion and spiritual connection. What a lovely surprise to receive this mega bunch!

101 Roses

This number means the kind of love that doesn’t wear off nor fades.

Montecarlo Red 101

300 Roses

This gigantic bouquet of roses depicts an unlimited and greatest love. Let someone feel the love with this extra enormous bouquet.

300 Red

Whether you are thinking to get a dozen of roses at your favorite flower shop or you might want to skip the hassle and order a flower bouquet delivery online, remember to know first the meaning before you get it delivered.

Need a rose bouquet delivery? We got you covered! Explore our rose flower collection and show your love to someone!

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