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How to Make a Flower Arrangement in a Vase

Flower arrangements add vibrant and fresh feels to a room. If you haven’t tried to arrange flowers, well this will be a great start for you! It will surely enhance your creativity and show your personality that fits your home. To help you understand the basics, c

Always remember to consider the room where you will place your arrangement. Do you believe that your surroundings can influence your state of mind and your emotions? This is the reason why color psychology is a very important thing to consider.


Step 1: All the materials must be ready and gathered.

  • Vase: Ready your best-loved and perfect choice.
  • Scissors: Garden shears can be used as well to trim the stems of the flowers. 
  • Flowers: The arrangement cannot be done without flowers, right? Make sure to choose your preferred flowers for the specific arrangements. 
  • Water: Water is essential to keep the captivating flowers alive.
  • Plant food: The bouquets mostly come with packets of plant food. 

Step 2: Prepare the flower that you’ll be using by removing the leaves to clean the stem. The arrangement can be damaged because leaves rot when kept in water. Especially if you use a rose, don’t forget to remove all the thorns present in the stem because it can damage the other stem and can be the reason why flowers will wilt. 

Step 3: You must make sure to prepare the vase. To clean the vase, you must fill the vase with cold water plus a spoonful of bleach to ensure that the bacteria present in the flower stem will be killed. 

Step 4: The flowers must be against the case to measure and cut the size accordingly. Cut the stem of the flower in diagonal. This will help to let the flour absorb more water and have a longer life span as well. 

Step 5: Fill the vase with water until the half part. Take note that the water must be changed every three days. 

Step 6: Start putting the plant food into the vase. If it sinks, make sure to stir it until it’s dissolved. 

Step 7: Add your primary flowers. These are the big, vibrant, or your favorite flowers that are the highlight of the floral arrangement. 

Step 8: Add the secondary flower. These flowers are smaller than the focal flowers. However, they are very important in the overall look of the arrangement. 

Step 9:  Finalize the arrangement. You have the choice to adjust or fill any empty spaces. To make the arrangement fresh, you must remove all petals that are wilted. 


With a smaller vase, choose flowers that are bright and bold. To appear as a dynamic look, use the same variety of flowers but in different colors. Take note that it is not necessary to put greenery because there are no extra spaces available for it at the bottom.


When arranging flowers in a medium vase, a wide range of floral varieties can fit. Make sure that your primary and secondary flowers are colorful and the flowers with neutral colors can be used as a filler of the rest of the space of the medium vase. 


The flowers that you will be using will be the important thing to consider when using the large and tall vase. Make sure to choose flowers that have long stems. The vase itself can make a statement.


  • Don’t forget to remove the unwanted leaves at the stem before starting up in arranging the flowers. The advantage of doing this is it avoids the leaves from easily perishing and harming the other flowers. 
  • The stem of the flower at the bottom must be cut at an angle for water absorption 
  • Before the arrangement of the flower begins, the whole flower must be sprinkled with water in order to let the water enter through its opening and makes the flowers last longer. 
  • Strategize your layer elements
  • Use the best, premium, elegant, and fresh flowers 
  • If your vase is colorful, your flowers must be in a neutral color 
  • Make sure that the vase is clean.
  • Buy more flowers than you need in an arrangement. There may be a tendency that some flowers will wilt due to circumstances before you arrange them in a vase. 

Now you have an idea of the fundamentals of how to do floral arrangements. Learning a new skill like this may add up to your creativity and enhance the look of your home. Just practice and try to pair different flower types to different vases and you will be an expert in no time!