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Darcey Flowers Supports Gift Giving Event for Elderly Care Center in Dubai

Darcey Flowers Supports Gift Giving Event for Elderly Care Center in Dubai

Residents of an elderly care center in Dubai have recently enjoyed a visit from a group of generous and altruistic people. A gift giving event for elders in Dubai was held on July 25, 2021 in Senior’s Happiness Center. This goodwill initiative is part of the GIVING UAE CAMPAIGN established in Ramadan 2018 in the year of Zayed under the patronage of Sheika Fatima Bint Hashir Al Maktoum in collaboration with several government entities and private sectors in the UAE such as DHA, CDA, Ministry of Health and Dubai Police just to name a few.
Darcey Flowers Supports Gift Giving Event for Elderly Care Center in Dubai
Darcey Flowers has been given an opportunity to be a part of the said undertaking to share positive thoughts and show compassion to the seniors in the care center by giving a bag full of cheery and vibrant fresh flowers. There are about 15 men and 5 women all of them are aged 55 and up and most are without the care of family members. These elders are taken care of at the Seniors’ Happiness Center in Al Mamzar Dubai where they call it their present homes. The center provides medical and nursing care to the senior citizens of Dubai.

Elderly care home residents have enjoyed the day of gift giving and delighted to see the kindhearted people who have paid them a visit. Happy smiles and laughers filled the room on the day. It was lovely to see the faces of the seniors light up upon seeing the kind gestures
of everyone. The event brought joy and pleasure which is good for their mental health and

It is not often that we are given a chance like this to give back to our community.
Darcey Flowers aims to support similar platforms to share and provide a meaningful impact.

The event is held with a limited number of guests, Covid-19 measures in place and
guests fully vaccinated.

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